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For that Winter Party Glow

Your skin will be put to a rigorous test this season with the ushering in of harsh winter winds and the constant partying. Worry not, for glowing skin is just a few easy steps away.

The romantic shades of winter have been eulogised since centuries—that perfect season for cuddles by the fire, sipping warm tea and partying the night away with friends. The not-so-perfect part is the havoc that the moisture-sapping weather, wind and indoor heating can wreak on your skin, not to forget the regular partying and late nights. Keeping these factors in mind, we bring to you pre- and post-party skin care tips that will ensure your skin looks ‘oh so soft and wonderful’ all month long, even as you party hard.

Prepping it right
That precaution is better than cure is a phrase that needs no validation. Here’s how you must prep your skin just right for the gruelling party season ahead:
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: One cannot emphasise on this point enough! It’s a cliché for a reason. Drinking plenty of water both before and after partying will help replenish the decreasing moisture levels in your skin. Before going to a party or event, drink a cup of green tea as it will help reduce your appetite. Always order a cup of water when ordering an alcohol beverage as the water will help re-hydrate your system and skin. The rule of thumb is one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Before going to bed, you guessed it, drink a glass of water.
Fill up your appetite: Eat a balanced meal before going out, which will prevent you from eating junk and will help with those hangovers, too.
Stay away from smoke-filled rooms: Try and avoid smoke-filled rooms as it may not only be dangerous to your health, but may also irritate your eyes, making them look red. Also, inflammation can cause pooling of fluid under the eyes contributing to dark circles and under-eye bags.
For that party glow: Choose a moisturiser or foundation that contains a pearlescent shimmer or a bit of glitter. Opt for medi-facials or superficial peels at your dermatologist’s clinic that can help you maintain a healthy glow on
your skin.

Post-party clean up
Get your basics right: A good cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser will help beat dehydration. Use a good make-up remover to clean all the cosmetics off your face before you sleep. A nourishing mask can give tired skin that much-needed dose of moisture.
Sleep well: Do try and sleep
for a good eight hours, especially after a long evening out, to help your body and skin recuperate for the next fun-filled event.
Soothe your tired eyes: Revive your eyes by applying a good eye cream and then place cool cucumber slices over your eyes to help them de-puff and boost the cream’s active ingredients.
Exfoliate properly: Post-party, it is important to clear out clogged pores and remove environmental stressors that may age the skin. Use a mild exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. After this, revive your skin by applying a deeply intensive, moisture-boosting mask enriched with ingredients that will make your skin more radiant and supple.

Skin care essentials
Moisturisers with ingredients like petroleum jelly and mineral oil.
Sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30.
Hand & foot creams: Use a good hand cream. Try finding foot creams that contain glycerine and urea.
Use a lip balm with SPF 15 daily.

Top tip
Eat a balanced and nutritious diet rich in vegetables and fruits, drink good amounts of water and exercise regularly. If your skin does not improve with these tips and self-care, consult your dermatologist immediately!

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