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Fresh for the season!

Care well for your skin as we move from the sweltering heat to the humid rainy season. GARIMA MUNDRA tells you how.

Protect yourself from skin problems this monsoon

We are at the cusp of season change. The scorching summer is on its way out and we are eagerly waiting to welcome the calming breeze and the first showers. Relief from the heat sounds fantastic, but wait till it starts pouring incessantly. Not only can it get on your nerves, but it can have adverse effects on your skin if you don’t alter your skin care regime. Just like your wardrobe, your skin needs a change every season as well.

Prevent infections, rashes and breakouts

The sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum (an oily matter) in the skin, become hyperactive during the rains, which can lead to dust accumulating on the skin. This could lead to blackheads, which makes for just one of the many problems to come. Moist skin is home to bacterial and fungal infections, rashes, and acne breakouts.

While people with oily, normal, and combination skin need to be cautious of the increased sebum secretion, people with dry skin need to be wary of increased dryness due to lack of essential oils and vitamins.

Useful tips to beat the humidity 

Sweaty skin that is prone to breakouts is a common complaint. High humidity levels make it longer for the sweat to evaporate, resulting in blocked pores. However, as common as the problem is, this four-step solution is easy to follow:

Cleanse: Start and end each day with a cleanser, preferably containing salicylic acid, to remove make-up, grime, and excess oil. This will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Moisturise: At night, dab on a lightweight, water-based moisturiser. This will keep your skin hydrated and supple, yet not block your pores.

Hydrate: Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Replace oily food and snacks with seasonal fruits and fresh juices to stay hydrated from the inside.

Scrub: Exfoliate to remove dead skin with a gentle facial scrub and leave no room for acne. An oil-free formula will work wonders.

Make-up tips for looks that work best in this climate

Heat and humidity can make your face feel greasy by midday. We recommend going natural and keeping it light. Keeping your skin oil-free and healthy should be of utmost priority.

To begin with, dab ice on your face to keep the skin fresh and sweat-free. Follow this up by applying a matte product such as talc, which contains silicone polymers, facilitating excess oil absorption. Now, go ahead and apply your moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up. Use waterproof eyeliners and if you choose to wear eye shadow and blush, go for natural shades that can blend in with your skin tone. Use a matte lipstick and dab some of it on the cheeks as an alternate to blush.

Keeping your skin bright and glowing as we move from summer to monsoon might be a challenge. However, if you eat right and drink lots of fluids along with choosing the correct skincare regime, your troubles will not last as long as the monsoon season. So, here’s wishing your skin a smooth and trouble-free transition from the itchy heat of summer to a fresh, dewy monsoon!

What to avoid

• Avoid cream-based make-up. They get washed away easily. If necessary, use face powder sparingly.

• Avoid heavy application of kajal and mascara.

• Avoid lip glosses.