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Fringe Benefits

No matter what your face or hair type is, there is a fringe that will suit you!

Regardless of whether you call them bangs or fringes, one thing that’s certain is that there are a number of ways you can wear them. The next logical question is, “Which fringe suits me the best?”

One has to make an informed decision about the type of fringe that they can go in for according to the type of hair and the kind of face that they have. The type of fringe you choose should ideally complement your hair type, whether they are short or long. It’s not difficult to achieve fringes and they are low-maintenance too.

Fringes are one of those classic looks which are always trending in fashion, in one way or the other. So don’t worry if you have had a fringe for years as it will always look relevant. Just make sure you get a fringe which perfectly suits you!

Heart Face

Long Face 

Oval Face 

Round Face 

Square Face 

Types of fringes

Solid fringe

These are bold and stand out. They are ideal for people with a big forehead and as well as straight hair.

Sharp texture fringe

These are fringes which provide a soft look to the face. So they are ideal for heavy faces.

Asymmetric fringe

This uneven fringe type is good for people who have uneven hair line, or have scanty hair in the front, as its good for covering up this scantiness.

Whispy fringe

This feathered and whimsical fringe works for people who have fine and straight hair. It can also be done by people who would like to add a little edge to their look.

HAIR says…

Here are some words of advice for all those who want to try out the fringe.

  • If you wear glasses, it may constantly fall over your glasses and annoy you or it may get inside your eyes too often. So keep the length of the fringe in mind while getting it done.
  • If you stay in a humid climate, then you will often have to often deal with a frizzy or messy fringe as the moisture in the air is not very ideal and will make your fringe curl or go fuzzy. This problem can be tackled with the use of hair products like hair sprays and serums.
  • Adding colour to your fringe can change the style of your fringe without cutting it any different. Add a few light blonde highlights to your fringe to brighten it and change the shape.
  • You can also add a few panels of different colours underneath the fringe, giving it a whole new dimension. Colour and texture can change the look of the fringe without changing its length. Having a dark hair with a blonde panel underneath is currently a popular fringe trend.