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Get In With Athleisure Hair

The athleisure trend has moved over from being the lazy girls’ escape route to a high-fashion statement that’s here to stay. HAIR explores how this concept has taken over the world of hair too.

Laid-back fashion is all the rage these days—you’ll see it on everyone, from girls walking in the street to fashion models as well. Women have taken to this stylish yet comfortable trend so much that there has been a special term coined for it—athleisure. What is it and how is it inspiring hair trends? Let’s find out.

What is athleisure
By definition, athleisure refers to casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Wait, does that mean wearing gym clothes to work? Precisely! Having sparked in 2016 and picking up steam through 2017, athleisure has become the number one fashion trend of this year. Every major fashion house has even come out with athleisure wear lines, which should paint an accurate picture about its magnanimity. From top models like Gigi and Bella Hadid to celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Arora, you’ll spot them all in hot yoga pants, track suits, and sneakers. Great to be your gym to work to party uniform, it’s wise to adopt this comfortably, easy and stylish trend right away.

Inclusion in the world of hair
This fun, casual and convenient trend started because of one simple reason—vanity. The need for people to look good while exercising turned out so great that it seeped into regular fashion as well. If comfortable fashion has made it into your wardrobe, there is no doubt that complementing hair trends are not going to be far behind. Channeling the sports leisure vibe, we now have athleisure hair as the hottest trend around—relaxed, mostly tied-up hair that works well even on second or third day locks. These trends are athletic, not too perfect and the kind that will stay on all day long—literally.

Getting the look
Apart from being very Pinterest- and Instagram-friendly, these fun hairstyles are also very practical. Spend ten minutes creating these simple styles and watch how they stay on through the day. Keep some dry shampoo, texturising serum, bobby pins and anti-frizz serum handy. Think beyond those basic ponytails and regular braids—look at boxer braids, double buns, or bubble ponytails for inspiration. The idea is to work some product into your hair, minus any heat styling and quickly twist, turn and knot your locks into fuss-free perfection. Pair it with a fresh-faced look that is radiant and you’re good to go.

Wearing it right
The beauty of athleisure hair is that you can wear it anywhere, and it goes with anything. Pair it with an LBD for an evening dinner ‘do or even with your pant suit—there’s no looking out of place with this. There is something luxurious about styles that seem to just have been thrown together to look effortless. So give in to comfort and start rocking this chic trend!

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