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Now that you’ve got your gel manicure done, here’s how you can maintain it.

Perfectly painted nails are great pick-me-ups. And a fresh gel manicure with long-lasting nails is all you need to make that impression on the onlookers. So gals, before you head out for your festivities this season, read these cool tips to make your gel manicure last for the longest time.

Avoid neglecting your nails 

Gel nails last the longest on healthy nails. Keep your cuticles and nail bed moisturised at all times by using a nail oil and hand moisturising cream.

Be vary of infection

Having your cuticles groomed is an integral part of getting the perfect manicure. However by cutting your cuticles, you’re increasing your risk of infection. Just have your cuticles pushed back and you’ll be set to have the perfect nails.

Follow the two-week rule

The optimum time for gel manicure is to leave it on for two weeks. This ensures that there is minimal space between the cuticle and the nail once your nails start growing. If your nail growth is slow, the manicure could even last you upto three weeks. However long it lasts, you’re sure to love your nails!

Choose your colour wisely

Since this manicure is going to last you anywhere between 2-3 weeks, it is only wise you pick a colour you adore or are comfortable wearing. A good idea is to pick a colour that matches your skin tone. People with olive tone skin are fortunate enough to carry any colour. Those with medium tone can try shades of wine, burgundy, blue, purple and nude. And those with lighter skin can go for pastels, reds and dark colours too.

Prevent the UV rays

We all know that the UV rays from the sun can have ill effects on the skin. The same ultra violet light is used in the UV lamp to set your gel nails too. Such direct exposure to UV light can cause skin damage. Hence, make sure you apply a sunscreen before resting your hands in the UV lamp.

Know your gel polish

It is necessary to know what chemicals go into the making of your gel polish. Keep an eye out for chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. Read the labels carefully in order to cause minimum damage to your tips.

Take expert help for removal

Since gel manicure is unlike the regular manicure, its removal requires the help of experts. Peeling out gel nail polish on your own can certainly cause your nail bed to peel, thus causing your nails to become fragile, brittle and flaky. Keep an eye out on how your manicurist is removing your gel nails and ensure he/she isn’t scraping your nail bed. Gel nails can be removed at home too, however your nails are at risk of getting damaged.