Get Summer Ready

Thinking of going bald this summer but not quite sure? HAIR gives you perfect reasons to reach out for the razor!

The season has you wishing for a bald look. You’d lie if the thought of chopping all your tresses off never crossed your mind. Sure, jokingly you’ve addressed this urge numerous times but shrugged it off instantly. Don’t kill the thought just yet! We tell you why you need to muster up the courage and just go for it.

You’re always ready
Eliminate the extensive shampoo sessions, notice the clean shower drain and walk out without a care in the world. Your grooming ritual will definitely be less time consuming. If you’re heading to the gym to break a sweat or simply on an extravagant date, you will find yourself ready in a jiffy!

No bad hair day
You can’t get upset over something that does not exist. How often have you struggled to get your mane to behave? But that’s not something you need to worry about anymore. Even the uneven stubble has it’s own charm. It’s a sweet deal when it comes to maintenance, let’s just all agree!

Save you some dough
You’ll save a fortune! Just one razor and some sunscreen to protect your scalp is all the investment you’ll need. There are no appointments needed, no need to set time aside to look presentable. You’ll surely have to run the razor through your head every now and then but that’s doable. No expensive products to tame the mane—think of what all you can do with the extra cash you save!

You’ll look badass
Since you’re sporting the rugged, masculine look, let’s just presume you’re always up to something eventful. By that, we mean ready for incidents that later become victorious tales. You strangely exude a vibe that you’ve dealt with enough to know it all. It’s no secret that women admire this look as well and isn’t that appealing enough?

Accentuates other features
When your well-kept or shabby hair is out of the picture, the attention gets diverted to other admirable features. Those beady eyes, perfectly white teeth and even your magnificent biceps invite a few gazes and more. We can’t quite trace when the coarse-beard-complemented-with- a-clean-shaven-head came into vogue, but it has definitely maintained its stance in the hot-guy category ever since.

Yet not sure? Here are some celebs who are famous for their bald look: 

Michael Jordan









Patrick Stewart









Vin Diesel









Jason Statham









Samuel Jackson









Dwayne Johnson









Bruce Willis









Chris Daughtry