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Get the Most out of Your Mask

 Amplifying your skincare or pampering your skin is just a mask away.

Applying masks, be it sheet or clay, DIY or peel-off, is the definition of self-care these days. However, after all the efforts if your skin is still not achieving the desired glow, there are some mistakes you could be making while using the mask. Read more.

Mistake #1: Not cleansing your face before applying

Sometimes we are so excited to apply the mask that we miss out on thoroughly cleansing our face prior to that. To reap the full benefits of the mask, you need to gently cleanse your skin first as you don’t want the impurities to sink in with the goodness of the mask.

Mistake #2: Applying it with dirty hands/brush

In our busy schedules we skip out on small tasks that make a huge difference. And one such task is cleaning your hands and brushes before applying a mask. Whether you apply with your tips or with a brush, make sure to thoroughly clean before (and after) application of mask as you don’t want any germs to pass on to your face.

Mistake #3: Not considering your face type

Are you using some face mask just because it worked for your friend? There are masks meant specifically for oily/dry/combination and sensitive skin. You need to evaluate your skin type and then use a mask accordingly or it can harm your face.

Mistake #4: Leaving it on for too long

One can easily drift off with a soothing mask while relaxing. However, it’s important to follow the instructions and rinse off the mask in time as leaving it on for too long can do more harm than good.

Mistake #5: Applying a little too much

In the case of masks, the formula is ‘less is more’! If you are applying a thick layer hoping to maximize the benefits, then it’s not going to work. An adequate amount and a thin layer is enough for the skin to absorb all the nutrients.

Mistake #6: Forgetting to moisturize later

Your skincare routine doesn’t stop after the mask. Masking can suck out the moisture making your skin dry so a good lightweight moisturizer is needed later to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Mistake #7: Not applying one often

Don’t save the masks as treats, rather apply them regularly to get that natural glow. It’s better than splurging in a spa. You can follow the instructions on your product and apply one up to three times a week.

So gals, what are you waiting for? Mask your way to beauty!

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