Men Skincare

Get the Valentine Charm!

Grooming yourself well is half the battle won when it comes to charming your princess. DR. VARUN KATYAL helps you prep your skin just right to get it Valentine-ready.

Are you ready to spend the month of love in style? Valentine’s Day is not just about your partner and your loved ones—it’s also about you. It is a good time to pamper yourself and commit to treating your skin and body like a loved one.

Difference is the key
Men require a different skin care regimen and products specific to their needs and here’s why:
•Thicker skin means men need exfoliation more frequently.
•Their skin is oilier compared to women and they have more sebaceous glands that result in larger skin pores and higher chances of developing blackheads and whiteheads
•As men experience less hormonal activity, they are less likely to develop hyper-pigmentation and/or dark spots on their skin.
•Their skin is coarse owing to the regular use of a razor.

The perfect skincare regimen
As a result of all this, men need a slightly different approach to skin care. Following are some important tips that men can follow under the supervision of a dermatologist to achieve healthy, glowing skin this Valentine season:
Deep cleanse: A mild facial cleanser that removes all the impurities from within the skin pores without stripping it of its natural moisture is recommended. The best cleanser for oily or combination skin will be one that foams. For dry skin, a creamy cleanser is best. One should clean the face at least once in the morning before shaving and at night before going to bed. Body washes are recommended over soap bars for the body.
Toning time: After cleansing the skin, tone the skin—preferably using an alcohol-free toner.
Moisturise right: After cleansing and toning the skin, men should use a moisturiser. For dry or normal skin the best moisturiser is a cream. Go for an oil-free moisturiser, if you have oily or combination skin.
Exfoliate gently: Men are more prone to clogged skin pores and the subsequent development of blackheads. A gentle face scrub can be used once a week. A peel-off face mask can also be used once every three to four weeks.
Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday: Men should definitely use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with an Sun Protection Factor of 30 or higher everyday.
Shave correctly: It is good to take a shower before shaving in order to give the hair a few minutes to soak up water and humidity. Always use a sharp, clean blade as it requires less force for cutting hair and there are lesser chances of cutting the skin. Try to shave only in the direction of hair growth and not against it. If you use an electric razor, apply a pre-shave lotion first so that the hair on your face stands out. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to bumps and ingrown hairs, consider using an emollient-based shaving cream in place of a regular one. Complete your shaving regimen with an aftershave product to soothe the sensitive areas. Use a cream or gel aftershave if you have sensitive skin. In case you have dry skin, using a moisturiser after shaving is recommended.
Follow a good diet and lifestyle: Eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Regular exercise is also important for good skin. Good nutrition, exercise regime and lifestyle are key for the good health of the skin and overall health of the body.