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Hello Gorgeous. Now that you’re at home in self quarantine, make the most of it with some much-needed self-care. Make the best use of spices that take care of your skin and body, boost your immunity and help you recover from disorders.

Want to know more? Read further as Dr Nikhita Shere, Forest Essentials, shares essential information on how to cook and drink immune-enhancing spices.

According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of fundamental constituents known as dhatus which are involved in the healthy functioning and upkeep of the body. Rasayana are the power-enriched herbs which strengthen nourish and repair deep within onto all the saptadhatus. These can be taken periodically to boost the immunity and recover from the disorders.


Fresh ginger root and sliced on wooden table.

This medicinal tuber is the cure to many disorders. Have an inch slice of ginger with rock salt before lunch to cleanse the palate and stimulate appetite. This combination is also an antidote for nausea.


The ancient scriptures describe this fruit to have immunorestorative and life-enhancing properties when consumed in specific concoctions. The Indian Gooseberry is also known to be a superfood as it is one of the richest sources of vitamin C found in a naturally occurring fruit. Include this in your diet on a regular basis in the form of fresh juice consumed first thing in the morning, home-made sweet jam such as murabba with lunch or add it to your salads. Make sure you do not consume amla at night or post sunset.


This herb is known for its health restorative properties but it also has strong spiritual significance in the Indian culture as it is offered to worship gods and goddesses. Therefore, it is known as the Holy Basil. It helps in fighting respiratory diseases, fever and has got germicidal properties. Include this as supplement to beat cough, cold and mild fever by consuming 2 tsps of freshly squeezed tulsi juice with 1 tsp of pure honey. Add tulsi seeds to your cup of herbal tea to enjoy its health benefits and if you are in an indulgent mood, then add tulsi leaves while brewing your regular cup of chai (milk tea).


Immunity boosting mojito

Ingredients: 4-5 fresh tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves, 1 tsp honey, ½ lemon, 120 ml earthen cooled water.

Method: Hand crush the tulsi leaves and place it in the glass. Squeeze the lemon and pour the cold water. Drizzle the honey and stir it all together.

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