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Get your Facial & Skincare On Point

There’s no better time than now to perfect your at-home beauty regimen, insists Dr Taruna Yadav, Forest Essentials. This new-found luxury of time could be the best chance to indulging in a skincare routine. Take this time to make your skincare game strong. Get rid of old skincare, those that are past their expiry date and pare down your routine to include essentials.

Here’s a skincare ritual that works on purifying, healing and nourishing the skin with natural antimicrobial, antioxidants, immune-boosting ingredients.


Step 1

Cleansing with natural water-based purifying cleanser: This gently cleanses and purifies the skin without stripping the natural moisture of the skin. Herbs like neem and nagkesar works well as effective antimicrobials and purifying agents.

Step 2

Toning and hydrating with alcohol-free toner: Spray alcohol-free toner all over the face and neck from a distance. It can be used during any time of the day to refresh, rehydrate and minimise enlarged pores. Its application prepares the skin for next step of sealing and moisturising.

Step 3: Seal the moisture in the skin with herb-infused gels: Aloe vera hydrating gel has organically grown pure aloe vera extract mixed with wheat germ extract and ashwagandha to highly soothe and heal the skin. It is especially good for sensitive skin and it locks/seals the moisture content of the skin.

Step 4: Moisturise with natural antioxidants and healthy nutrient-infused day formulas: An anti-oxidant day cream with herbs and pure nutrients works its revitalising magic on the skin to give it golden sheen. It protects skin from UVA & UVB radiations as it has natural sun protection factor.

For Night Care

We highly recommend a night beauty balm. It gives a boost of natural healing and vital energy infused ingredients to the skin. Use a night cream after the application of beauty balm.


Step 1:Massage with warm herbal oils to relieve the symptoms of common flu such as muscle ache, fatigue and headaches. Warm the oil in a double boiler method and massage on the chest, neck and shoulders, follow up with a hot bag to enhance the oil absorption. Alternatively, as a preventive measure you could also use this for a complete body massage and follow up with light steam to open up the respiratory channels. Regular massage with warm herbal oils such as the sesame oil or almond oil, not only distresses and tones our body, it makes us healthier internally as well by giving a boost to our immunity. It is also known to stimulate the production of lymphocytes that play the vital role in maintaining strong immunity.

Step 2:
Post massage, cleanse with sandalwood and camphor sugar soap. These handmade soaps contain natural antiseptic and healing herbal extracts.

Step 3: Moisturisation with a body lotion, which is enriched with ayurvedic nutrient-dense herbs protects and gives a boost to the body.

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