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Getting dressed for an occasion is fun, but requires a number of skills, products and equipment, apart from good taste, and fashion sense. Just picking the right attire for the occasion is not enough. The right amalgamation of accessories, makeup, hairstyle and attitude is the key to the right dressing, and half of your battle is won when all these elements are identified, accessible and aligned together.

While in most cases, getting the right clothing, ornaments and makeup is manageable, most women are daunted at the mere thought of styling their own hair. Various methods, procedures, products and gears have resulted in failing or passing with grace marks in getting a hairdo that looks polished. While few practice beyond perfection and create some amazing hairdos, the entire process can get tiresome.

While women continue to desire their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle, the trend of hot brush is setting in, crawling inside every hair tool organizer and most definitely making up with every woman, who is tired of trying but still hopeful of finding the easiest hairstyling tricks.

So, using the trendiest hot brush, here are few tips and tricks to get your look with minimal efforts. Here we go:

  1. If you have frizzy, unmanageable hair, use a hot brush to give it blow-dry look by simply running the hot bristles through the hair like a comb. Part them sideways and there you are, all set with one of the most beautiful hair looks.
  2. Hot brush can also be used to straighten hair but with a slight twist at the end to create a more organic hair look. Simply bend your hand at the lower section of the hair and make them look naturally straight.
  3. Create a curly hair look with a hot brush by folding the lower section of the hair into one complete round of the bristles, this will add a vintage touch to the hair.

When one uses a hot brush on the hair, the hair becomes warm, malleable and easily manageable. Experimenting with different ways to create a style at that very instance plays the trick. Running a hot brush will make the hair straight. If you are short on time, leave them as is to get a sleek, straight look (ensure that your hair is well trimmed and washed) to get a fresh, lasting and a neat look.

If you are bored of the regular straight hair look try some new tricks with products and accessories before hot brushing your hair for a trendy hairdo. Try setting the hair when they are warm and still ready to take any shape. You can braid them hot and open it after a gap of 15-20 minutes and get an ultimate wavy hair look. The higher number of braids you make, the more delicate and tiny waves will be formed.

If you want to tie your hair like a bun, just hot brush the portion on the crown of your head in front and shape them according to the shape of your face. You can also twist and turn them to give an edgy look. Leave the straightened and twisted hair open, while tying the rest into an elegant or a messy hair bun. A single braid in this also gives a trendy and a casual look to the hair.

Hot brushes are a way to tame hair and give it a finished look. Always ensure detangling your hair first when partially dry before using the hot brush. Then use a serum to create a protective layer so that the heat does not damage the hair. Finish the look using a hair set spray so that the look of the hair stays intact.

Hot brushes are not just very easy to use, but also quite effective in creating any hairstyle one desires. The bristles are crafted in a way that they add volume and bounce to the hair. The rubberized body or the handle of the hot brush ensures forming a strong grip for comfortable use. The frizz in the hair is reduced drastically as the bristles are static free. The tips of the bristles of the hot brush are covered to avoid damaging the scalp with heat. This is an extremely important and a much-needed relief from regular hair ironing tools.

The secret of many celebrity hairstylists, hot brushes are trending and for the most appropriate reasons. So, get your hot brush soon and let your hair down, or maybe straight, this 2020.

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