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Give Yourself a Haircut at Home!

Hello Handsome! We hope the quarantine is treating you well.

With the wave of novel ‘coronavirus’ we are forced to stay low and stay safe and since lockdown has been extended we are sure your short strands have now started sloping downwards.With no salons operating, hair cuts have become a scary process. Whether you have someone to help you or you are all by yourself, we are here to guide you to have decent hair in this lockdown. Scroll through these hair cut tutorials for a snip and a trim.

If a quick trim is all you need

If you have short spiky hair this is the video for you to achieve that fully levelled basic hairstyle back.

The best technique for thin hair 

If a scissor is all you possess and you have straight hair this is the most basic way to shape those growing locks.

For the pros

Fading hair looks chic and smart, your in-home amateur hairstylist will have to be careful with this cutting style. So watch carefully before attempting.

For thick wavy hair 

Perfect for that gelled pulled back look.

For those who don’t have a helping hand

To get those unruly long locks in place.

For the experimentalists

A messy hair do looks cool and the out of bed vibes are definitely in. Try variations of this look for the best lazy boy chic.

So which haircut are you going to try?

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