Hottest Hair Trends from Around the World

Left: © Hooker & Young; Right: © Sherri Jessee

Ever wanted to know how you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hair trends? The key is to look beyond the shores.

We asked some of the best hairstylists from around the world what’s currently trending in their countries, and what trends we can expect to see in the near future.

Director – Hensman Salons, U.K.
For Autumn/Winter this year, we are seeing a movement of change. Beautiful ponytails are in—whether they’re styled with added tribal textures, or left sleek for a daytime look or with embellishments for the evening. The ponytail is really what you make it.

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Short hair is back with strong short bobs and side partings that can be left with movement or given a sleek look. This is more likely to be a global trend as the cut and style make it suitable for most hair types and face shapes. We’re also seeing a punk movement in colour, with more and more people switching up their natural colour for bright and intense pop art tones.

Senior Stylist – Assort International Hair Salon, Tokyo – Japan

The current hairstyle trends are really geared towards hair that looks healthy and sexy. Wet-look bobs are definitely in, as are curled-out hair and messy waves. Layered looks are always fun to play with, and layers are going to make a comeback globally in the near future.

Hair and Make-Up Artist, Bristol VA – U.S.A.
Healthy, shiny hair is the number one goal these days—this includes amplifying your hair’s natural colour and texture. In the future, the focus will be on braids, bangs and Bohemian styles. Super-smooth soft waves and gentle curls will be the textures to go for—it is completely possible to wear the hair straight one day, curly the next, wavy on the third, and then put it up on the fourth day.

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In terms of colours, rich brunettes, brilliant coppers and golden blondes will dominate. Highlights are here to stay, regardless of your base tone, to add depth and colour; particularly a combination of free-hand painting and balayage for softly blended, sun-kissed locks.

Chad Hanna Hair Team, South Africa
I love the use of rich colours—there’s a shine in its boldness and vintage look. Free-hand lightening and foils through the hair allows a beautiful play of pastel tones that work through the hair. It is subtle, but it is the hottest look right now.

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Bobs—whether curly, wavy, shabby chic or smooth—are going to rock in all their glory. For colour, free-hand lights and foils will be used to create an almost jewel-like effect through the hair. If I could, I’d bring back styles from the 80s. There’s nothing sexier than an asymmetrical cut, with strong lines and fringes, as well as the vibrancy of true colours and curls in all their glory.

Hair and Fashion Stylist, Melbourne – Australia

The big trend to hit Australia right now is seamless, colourless ombrés, with more overall colour that has a beautiful transition. Textured curls are also finally coming back after too many years of sleek hair. In fact, the textured curls trend is set to go big. Look at all the advertising for sportswear companies—they’re all already starting to have curly-haired models.

Phil Smith Hair and Phil Smith Be Gorgeous, U.K.
Top knots are still a very popular style in the U.K. Whether it’s a high top knot, or a half top knot, this trend is not going anywhere! High and messy top knots have become the number one style, as opposed to the more rigid top knot that used to be popular. The added bonus of messy top knots is its ability to conceal bad hair days. The half top knot allows you to show off the hair’s length, texture and colour too, so a great alternative to the full top knot.

Nowadays, because of social media, trends go global in an instant, and can be copied and followed with the help of online tutorials. Hairstyles always naturally update themselves partly due to the fashion industry, and I think variations of braids will be huge. Gone are the days of a simple plait—more complex braids will be the style everyone will try and master.

Hair Artist, Pasadena CA – U.S.A.
In recent years, the American hair scene has been overrun by rainbow hair colours, as part of the 90’s fashion revival we are experiencing. We have also seen hair get shorter, with many more blunt bobs.

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Balayage seems to have nestled nicely into our industry and is not going anywhere anytime soon. We are already starting to see new trends of combining more natural hair colour in with rainbow hair colours, and even full sets of highlights, toned with rainbow colours. The biggest trend I see on the horizon is the embracing of natural hair texture—I see a lot of people ditching the curling irons and flat irons for their personal, authentic, lived-in texture.

Ross Charles Hairdressing, York – U.K.

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For men, XXL length is a trend that has been popular on catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2017, and a dose of untamed wildness ought to be expected as this is definitely one that I think will be around for the next few months. Hair grown out to shoulder length has been seen before, but this year we can expect to see this trend go to the next step with hair grown to around chest level. There are so many diverse ways for men to style longer hair now too.

Owner – KAM Hair and Body Spa, Lossiemouth – U.K.
One hair trend that’s becoming more and more popular in the U.K., and that I predict will be huge globally too, is the geometric bob. This is a statement hairstyle and looks best when it’s all one-length, preferably chin-length, and is worn straight with blunt bangs. If you have a wider face shape, this look is best worn slightly longer—for example, an inch below the jaw-line.

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However, if you have a more slender face shape, this look works best when it hits the jaw-line or, to create a quirkier look, can be taken a bit higher. Another look that’s becoming more in-trend is the shag. It looks especially great on those with shorter, curly or wavy hair, and it requires minimal styling.

Hooker & Young – U.K.
Rose blush is very much the colour trend of the minute and extremely popular within salons. The fusion of pale pinks and warm blondes creates an almost iridescent sparkle to the hair that looks luxurious and expensive.

In terms of technique, colour threading—designed for face framing placement—is incredibly popular. Very fine veils of hair are lightened in a delicate way—barely there but just enough to give that subtle glow around the face, replicating a look as though you’ve just stepped out of the sun.

Pauline McCabe Hair, South Fremantle – Australia

The textured lob is huge here in Australia, as are curtain fringes. On a global scale, expect long, textured undone waves to go big. Think 1970s hairdos.