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Let this be your guide to curly, bouncy and lovely hair!

Curly hair has two personalities. One that loves all the gels, serums and leave-ins and gets styled as per your satisfaction; and the other one decides to have a mind of its own and won’t cooperate, ending up looking like a dry and limp mess. This other type of curly hair requires products that add volume to your gorgeous hair and make them look full of life.

Tame your curls NOW!

All those with curly hair know that all hair days are not the same. It’s important to find a suitable product combo to tame your curls and for that you need to consider the texture, porosity, thickness, and curl patterns while shopping. You may also want to harp on your hair density. Hair products that chime for curls and frizzy hair aren’t necessarily specific to curl type. With gazillion products available in the market, only a handful of them are really effective and suit your hair type.

Products best suited for your crowning glory

We have curated a suitable range of shampoos, conditioners, mousses and oils that claim to give your curls the shine and bounce they deserve and make you feel extra confident too!

  • For fine hair: If you notice your strands are finer and thinner than average, you want to keep your haircare routine simple and light. Do not add too many layers of products. Applying many layers of thick products to fine hair tends to weigh them down and destroy the curls, leaving them looking unravelled and unkempt. Lightweight products (preferably water-based) like gels and mousses are best preferred for this type of hair. These keep the shape intact, leaving your curls looking lovely and well-defined.
  • For medium to thick hair: For this hair type, creams and oils work best. The oil-based texture gets rid of the frizz and lends a much-needed boost of moisture, giving your curls a stunningly healthy look.
  • For thick to super thick hair: It doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair; thick hair needs products which are more viscous and creamy. This type of hair tends to demand more moisture to match its density to work effectively. Use masques,rich-textured creams, hydrating gels and viscous oils for the same.

HAIR TIP: No matter what product you use, ensure it is CGM friendly, which means it needs to be alcohol and sulphate-free.


Care tips and products for curly hair

SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner: It offers sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners with strengthening silk protein, coconut and neem oil that cleanses your hair, adds moisture and shine and helps fight frizz too. The coconut oil in the mix is the secret ingredient which detangles and hydrates your curls.

Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream: This power product has argan oil which helps you get rid of the frizz and give your curls a well-defined look. All you need is a quick one or two pumps and a run through with your fingers. Make sure your hair is damp before you use this.

Miss Jessie’s Curls So Fresh: On the second or third day of washing, curls look flat and tired and you tend to put them in a bun. Try Miss Jessie’s spray – a combination of water and glycerine – which reshapes and rehydrates your curls giving them a fresh look. It controls the frizz and gives you the shine you love.

Kinky Curly Original Curling Custard Natural Styling Gel: This sulphate-free product is best suited for people with tight ringlets and coil-y hair textures. The styling gel is anti- humectant thanks to the agave nectar amongst its ingredients, and redefines your curls.


HAIR TIP: To make your curls more defined and to keep your locks moisturised, always use styling products on damp hair. You can use curl-defining creams, mousses, or gels, depending on the type that suits your hair. Also, when you’re applying the product, section your hair to get good coverage, and use a scrunching motion or gently run through with your fingers, depending on the type of curls you have. Once you have the product in, avoid messing with it, either letting it air dry or gently diffusing it. Once, that’s done, you’re good to go show off your gorgeous curls!


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