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Go Green!


Food officially isn’t the weirdest source of hair-colour inspiration. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa slipping on green wigs, colourists are looking to more unexpected influences like slime and tennis balls. And let’s be real, green’s moment in the hair-colour world was inevitable. We’ve cycled through nearly every other shade of the rainbow possible, including bold pink, purple, and even yellow, over the past couple of years. Green seemed to escape everyone — until now.

Though several celebrities have been dabbling into bright hair colours with wigs, more folks on Instagram have been making more permanent moves by dyeing their actual hair lime, minty green, teal, and emerald. So, if you want to find out more about what it takes to go green (in the hair sense), proceed with the article below.

Which hair types should go for green hair?
Before even making an appointment with your stylist, you should take your hair type into account. Serious bleaching is needed to achieve green hair, so those with darker hair or previously-coloured hair aren’t the most likely candidates. Instead, anyone who has never coloured their hair before or has naturally light hair are the best fits for going green. Regardless, if your hair is too damaged, your stylist (and even we!) recommend not dyeing it green.

How do stylists typically dye clients’ hair green?
No matter what colour your hair is or your desired shade of green is, lightening your strands first will be involved 99 percent of the time. This step helps create an even canvas so the dye looks truly green.

If your desired shade is on the neon or pastel sides of the shade spectrum, your hair will have to be bleached to the lightest blonde possible. Those with darker hair might have to sit through more than one bleaching session to get to that level of platinum. For darker green hues, such as hunter and emerald, your hair won’t have to be as light — deeper shades of blonde will work. However, in general with green hair, the lighter you lift it initially, the prettier it fades out.

How does green hair fade?
One of the biggest reasons why green hair took longer than other rainbow hues to gain popularity is its fade. The time green takes to fade is around the same time frame as other colours. Expect neon and pastel shades to fade quicker than darker ones, though. Generally, the deeper the color, the longer it lasts.

How do you maintain green hair?

To avoid any awkward fading and extend the life of your colour, we recommend asking your stylist to mix a custom-coloured conditioner for you (Be sure to wash it out of your hair with cold water.)  Alternately, you can use a colour care shampoo and conditioner to refresh your colour at home.</span

Our Pick: The New Moroccanoil Colour Complete Collection.

In the brand’s first foray into the colour space, Moroccanoil takes a revolutionary 360-degree approach to colour care, addressing the full scope of colour-degradation, colour-change and colour-fade with a complete regimen of products for both in-salon and at home.

The in-salon offerings comprises of the Moroccanoil ChromaTech Prime and the ChromaTech Post treatment. The former is used before the hair dye, to even out the hair’s porosity (i.e., the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture) so that colour penetrates the hair equally. It also helps protect your scalp, so you’re not left begging your stylist to wash the dye out immediately after it’s applied. The latter, i.e., the ChromaTech Post treatment, is used afterwards to infuse the hair with argan oil, which seals the shaft.

The rest of the products are available for use at home, where you can continue the regimen with the Colour Continue Shampoo and Conditioner and the Protect and Prevent Spray. The shampoo is formulated without sulfates to gently cleanse hair and keep pH levels balanced, which also helps keep color intact. The conditioner, which uses the same Colourlink technology, is made with vegetable compounds to provide “slip,” so your hair won’t snap and break when detangling. Finally, the Protect and Prevent Spray shields hair from the damaging UV rays, pollution, and oxidation.

The Colour Complete Collection is now available to order.

The green hair is definitely a lifestyle change and only for someone who is ready to take care of it routinely. This includes limiting yourself to washing your new green hair just once a week, as well as making dry shampoo your best friend. Additionally, utilizing moisture masks and heat/UV protectants is important, too!  So, if this sounds like too much work, though, you can take cues from SZA and Dua Lipa. Wigs are always an option.