Goodbye Grease


Considering dry shampooing your greasy hair but not quite sold on the idea yet? HAIR tells you all that you need to know!

The grime and grease of a daily routine that settles in the hair, making it annoyingly sticky can ruin anyone’s day! The solution? Washing the hair. Then they tell us that daily shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils leading to loss of sheen and bounce! If all this almost wants to make you pull your hair out, you’re not alone. Enter— the handy dry shampoo!

In India, the idea of dry shampooing hair has only recently gained popularity. So it’s time to skip those extensive hair wash sessions each morning and just sprinkle or spray your way to freshness. It’s also a great hack for the festive season where you’re attending functions and dances almost daily!

Dry shampoos are now easily available in the market, in both, powder and spray forms. You can even make your own one! Simply use baby powder! Another option is to mix arrowroot and unsweetened cocoa powder for your dark hair. You may add a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well. And voilà, your very own dry shampoo!

Tips and Tricks:
• Avoid using the powder form on excessively wet hair to prevent lumps.
• Sprinkle or spray from a distance for even distribution of the product.
• Allow the dry shampoo to sit on the roots for a few minutes before you work it in.
• Dry shampooing is not a replacement but merely a trick to refresh the hair until your next wash.

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Pooja Raisinghani