Beauty Makeup

Goodbye Old Cosmetics!

Did you know using expired make-up can cause havoc to your skin? Make up isn’t designed to last forever.

Yes, just like food products, make-up products have an expiry date too. You would eventually have to get rid of your favourite lip colour or nail polish just because it has passed the expiry date. Expired beauty products can cause infection and breakouts. However, there are some simple and easy ways to know when your make-up retires and you need to bid farewell to your favourite cosmetics.

Changes colour

If your make-up has oxidised, it will change colour. A change in colour is a sure way to know that your make-up has expired and has also been afflicted affected with bacteria.

Smells weird

Smell is a distinct indicator that your make up has gone bad. For instance, if your mascara has a fowl gasoline kind of smell, it’s time to get a new one.

Changes texture

If your product has a creamy texture, it is supposed to maintain the texture and remain the same. If you notice a change in texture while applying it, it’s time you dispose it.

Forms clumps

Liquid products are supposed to be LIQUID. Period. They aren’t supposed to have clumps in them. If you notice clumps in it while applying, it could be a sign that bacteria has begun to grow and it’s time to toss the product into the bin.

Forms a layer

It’s not just liquid or cream based make-up products that have an expiry date. Your powdered products get expired too and are not safe to use anymore when a grey filmy of chalky kind of layer forms on the top.

Forms white spots

If your lip liner or eyeliner pencil gets a white spot on the tip which cannot be sharpened later, it means the pencil has expired.


(Lead image: Freepik)