Grooming 101: The Perfect Beard Grooming Routine

World Beard Day is right round the corner and we think you should use it as an excuse to start pampering your beard with the perfect care routine.

Growing a beard is easy, and takes little to almost no work, we all know, right? However, managing it once it’s all grown could be a task for many. But, know that it doesn’t have to be 10 steps with 10 hours to get a soft, silky and smooth beard. With the right and simple routine and some TLC there is no reason it should take more than a few minutes to look and feel your best.

Since it is upto us to make it easy for you, we’ve put together this really awesome and simple guide just for yours truly!

Follow these 6 simple steps for a perfect beard routine:


Oiling is often dismissed as optional product. Use good beard oils which will nurture the beard follicles and moisturise and soften beard hair.


Wash your beard at least once a day of all the dirt, dust, debris, and other gunk which easily gets accumulated in your beard.


In the initial stages you let the beard grow freely, however once you have achieved length and density, shaping your beard becomes important. Make sure that your beard suits your face shape and give it some definition.


Beards act as a natural sunscreen as they protect the face from harmful UV rays. However, if the length of your beard is becoming an issue, wear it short and trim it regularly.


Drink plenty of water and massage or moisturise your beard with an oil or cream to ensure that it gets the nourishment and hydration it needs.


Exfoliating is the best way to ensure that your pores are unblocked and cleared of any dirt that may have settled in your beard.


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