7 Grooming Videos Every Man Needs to See!

According to Daymond John, American businessman, investor, and one of the sharks on Shark Tank, “Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.” While what Mr. John says makes complete sense to most of us, there continues to be a large section of Indian men that ignores even the most basic grooming deeds. Most men will complain that grooming takes up too much of their time (it really doesn’t, as these grooming videos prove), but the reality is that they just don’t know how to properly groom themselves. Here’s a 7-video crash course in male grooming covering all the essentials every guy needs to know…

Learn how to talk to your barber
The next time I go to my stylist, I can ask her for ‘a zero to one fade on the sides and back, with a choppy texture on the top.’ What will I end up with? The exact haircut that I want is what. And this is possible because I have learnt the language of the barber shops. Simply knowing the meaning of a few basic terms can help you and your barber avoid miscommunication. Every guy gets a haircut periodically, so there’s no excuse for not putting in the effort to learn a few terms.

Learn to shave correctly, with a safety razor
Shaving is not the slapdash affair that most men have turned it into. If you have opted to go with the clean-shaven look, you have to treat shaving not only as an integral part of your morning schedule but also an art that needs to be mastered. From prep work to aftercare, a proper shave consists of numerous steps, all of them in place to ensure that you get the best shaving experience possible. And I always recommend a safety razor for a close shave that is unmatched. You could also use a straight razor if you want the closest shave possible, but only use one if you’re confident that you won’t Van Gogh yourself.

Learn how to trim your moustache
The common Indian man’s love for the moustache is well-documented. However, it’s not just office-going uncles who sport a ‘stache these days; the hipster/lumbersexual revolution has turned growing whiskers into a hobby, especially for the urban crowd. Despite this, the simple art of trimming one’s moustache seems to be as elusive as ever; men continue to sport moustaches that either haven’t been trimmed or have been trimmed way too much. It’s not that hard, folks.

Learn to fade your beard
Everything seemed perfect when I first started growing out my beard. And it honestly was, right up to my first haircut. Once the sides of the head were buzzed, something about the beard looked a bit off. Doing a bit of research made me realize that I needed to fade the beard into the sideburns for a sleek and well-groomed look. It is a basic tenet of beard grooming—one that I, like many others, initially overlooked. Fading your beard is not that difficult and takes very little time, as this video proves.

Learn how to groom your eyebrows and get rid of that monobrow
Let’s start off by busting the myth that tweezing your eyebrows is painful. It’s not, especially if you’re plucking the hair between your brows. You may be okay rocking a monobrow, but the caveman look does not work either in the boardroom or on date night. At the same time, waxing or going to a professional to have your eyebrows plucked is a touch too much. Invest in a good set of tweezers, show some restraint when plucking, and stick to getting rid of stray hairs only.

Learn to style your hair using wax
There are a number of styling products you can use, depending upon the length of your hair and the style you prefer. However, few styling products are as versatile as hair wax. And it is available in every price range you can think of! The only problem with hair wax is not with the wax itself, but how people tend to apply it. In a nutshell, most guys use way too much wax and then wonder why they can’t get the same result like their barber did the first time. As someone who uses hair wax almost every day, I can vouch for its awesomeness once you have mastered how to use it.

Learn how to buy and wear the right cologne
The way you smell is an intrinsic part of the personality you want to project. Since very few of us actually have a great natural smell, we have to rely on the powers of perfume. It’s not bad news though since colognes are available across the fragrance spectrum—from flowery sweets to burn-your-nostrils spicy. It’s just a matter of picking the right one and knowing how to wear it correctly. The only thing I will recommend is staying away from Sex Panther, or any other cologne that 60 percent of the time, works every time.