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Grow out Those Bangs Easily


Struggling with what to do as your fringe grows out. Read on for styling tips.

Bangs are stylish, they add a touch of youthfulness and playfulness to one’s look and it is one style that never goes out of trend.

Now that seasons have passed by and we finally welcome the rains, all you women out there, who cut a fringe or bang in the winter, are certainly facing the brunt of it now. Looking to change your hairstyle or get rid of those bangs?

Well, there’s no need to worry, HAIR is here to your rescue with styling tips while growing out your bangs or a fringe.

In order for you not to get all frizzed and to leave home hassle free here are some simple doable hairstyles while you grow your bangs out.

  • Sweep them to the side

Have your bangs combed to one side of your forehead. Or you could also part your hair, and have your bangs rounded off by your stylist so when you wear your bangs they are swept softly and evenly apart.

  • Sleek all the way

With the help of a flat iron have your unruly bangs smoothened. This will make it easier to incorporate the bangs into your sleek hair look which you could either leave down or tie into a ponytail or bun. However if your bangs have grown below your eyes, you could just choose to incorporate the bangs into your top knot enjoying a casual look.

  • Braid it up

You could either divide your bangs in two, or make a one sided braid. Again if your bangs are long enough, use the bang into a French braid beginning from the top of your crown. The Dutch braid is an edgy look for a one side braid. If you don’t want to try complicated braids, just twist your bangs to the side and pin it up for an easy yet chic look.

  • Accessorize your way out!

Pin up your bangs to the side with cute non conventional bobby pins (bringing back the ‘90s style if you’re feeling nostalgic). Or use a headband to sweep all of the bangs off your forehead.  This will add a simple and luxe look to your summer attire.

  • Give them a raise

Pin up your bangs on top of your crown. This not only gives you a cool summer hairstyle and keeps all the hair off your forehead, but also adds a few inches of height to you.

  • Finish with a bang

Don’t wear the same look while growing out your bangs. Use this time to go gaga with different looks and surprise your friends!

So while you may feel you’re in hair purgatory while your bangs are growing out, try out these fun looks, and you certainly would feel like you’re working your way to heaven.

So which of these hairstyles will you adapt to?


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