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Getting rid of baldness is no longer a myth! GITA HARI tells you more about it.

Imagine if there was a cure for baldness…how elated would all those afflicted by this dreadful syndrome be! No more hiding the shiny pates behind those awful wigs or hair weaving with bothersome clips; no more visits to the salon to tuck up loosened hair shafts. Autologous cellular regeneration is the answer to get rid of baldness, well almost, say doctors and experts in this field. Also popularly known as PRP treatment, it is most recommended to tackle different hair problems.

Dr. Viral Desai, Cosmetic Surgeon, DHI India and CPLSS, throws light on Growth Factors as they nurture the scalp as a whole, with a concentrated protein media to restore the natural process that heals the damaged hair follicle. Growth factors are natural proteins that bind receptors on the surface of the cell, which results into activation of cellular proliferation and differentiation.

According to Dr. Bharti Magoo, Skin & Hair Care Expert and Owner at Golden Touch Clinic, “PRP is an advanced hair loss treatment that helps mostly all patients in getting new hair follicles as this therapy initiates new cells. Around three sessions are required, once a month each. Though it is mainly done for male pattern baldness, it is very effective in women of all ages as well.” Dr. Bharti elaborates that this treatment enhances the texture and elasticity, also decreases hair loss, increases hair volume and strength and is kind of lasting, unless the patient suffers from any disease.

• Release of Growth Factors from the platelets—nourishes hair that has thinned and prevents further hair loss• Stimulates dormant roots to grow new hair

• Existing hair follicles produce thicker and healthier strands of hair

• Enhances results of hair transplant by nourishing the transplanted and existing hair and healing the donor and recipient areas

• No side effect since it is one’s own blood

• Three sessions are recommended

Derma rollers:
• Infusion of growth factors with derma roller in the scalp

• The procedure requires eight sittings at an interval of one week each

• Stops hair loss by arresting hair fall

• Thickens and strengthens thinning hair

Clarifying the notion of allergic reactions as the main concern of patients, Dr. Batul Patel, Medical Director and Dermatologist, The Bombay Skin Clinic, says, “The Regenera Activa® is an advanced system to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth through regeneration therapy of capillary vessels. This is a very safe treatment. The patient is the donor of stem cells, i.e. stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own body, which help to achieve enrichment in the number of progenitor cells.” Dr. Patel further explains its simple three-step procedure—firstly, three samples are extracted from the donor area which is identified; secondly, these samples collected from the patient’s own body will be further processed and filtered by the US-FDA approved regenericons®. This helps the progenitor cells, growth factors and stem cells that have the regenerative capabilities to be isolated from the sampled tissue. And finally, this specially prepared solution is then injected by mesotherapy technique to the affected scalp treatment areas thus, initiating the stimulation of the blood vessels and regenerative process of the hair follicles.


Dr. Saurabh Shah, Dermatologist, Bhatia Hospital, affirms, “This treatment serves as a good supplementary or supportive therapy. The main treatment for hair loss being application of topical Minoxidil solution and oral finasteride tablets along with specific vitamins and minerals required for good hair growth.”

As mentioned earlier, you can regain your confidence with your hair back again and forever, well almost!

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