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Hair Comes the Bride

We have a crush on these bedazzling bridal look statements recommended by award-winning renowned Celebrity Hairstylist Savio John Pereira and Associate Make-up Education Partner Natasha Dhody. Scroll down for a visual treat.

Looking for bridal looks inspiration? Chase your wedding goals and leave the rest to us as we bring you the latest trends and recommendations for avante garde bridal looks and gorgeous hairdos.

Royal Bride

Elegance and royalty are evident in this look and give the bride the confidence to lead herself with grace.

Hair: The focus is on the make-up, outfit and jewelry for this look. The hair is kept simple and classy, giving it a royal look. A low-styled bun gives it a neat, royal feel. Unlike the modern bride, this look is not that sleek. It has more back combing and texture to make it look fuller. Do a parting in the center of your hair and then back comb it to give it volume; tie it into a bun after that. Use a hairspray to keep the look intact. In the end add maang tikka to complete the look.


  • Eyes: Play with earthy colours and ochre yellow eyeshadows. Set the eyes deep and mesmerising.
  • Face: Use a mousse foundation.
  • Lips: Creamy coral.
  • Blush: Followed the natural contours of the face.

Modern Bride


This alluring look speaks volumes of her energy and desire to conquer the world.

Hair: Smoothen out freshly washed hair and blow-dry it. Then pull the hair into a high ponytail with hair weft wrapped around it. Do a parting in the center and attach a maang tikka to complete the look.


  • Eyes: Champagne gold eyeshadow with sultry kohled enthralling eyes.
  • Face: Natural beige skin cream foundation. A very new-age bridal look with soft hues and dewy skin.
  • Lips: A pop of berry on the lips.
  • Blush: Natural blush.

Traditional Indian Bride

A captivating traditional look ready to give into the new life she looks forward to.

Hair: Smoothen out freshly washed hair slightly to create a canvas. Add texture with the help of a crimper. Take a side parting pulling the hair back into a bun. Add your favourite hair traditional hair accessories. Add a paasa to the side and secure it with pins. Before finishing the look with a good hairspray, pin a maang accessory (like shown in the image).


  • Eyes: The highlight of this look is the eyes. Add a slot of structure to the eyes and complete the eye look with fish eyeliner.
  • Face: Use foundation with a golden glow
  • Lips: Tawny lips.
  • Blush: Natural cognac color blush.


Walima Bride

This delicate look brings out the mystical radiance and makes the bride look beautiful inside out.

Hair: On freshly shampooed hair, apply mousse to add volume and texture after which you must blow dry the hair. Take sections and ‘iron curl’ the hair to give it a retro big feel. Take a center parting and fix your maang tikka. Fix a paasa to the side to get the desired look. Finish the look with a hairspray.


  • Eyes: Enchanting eyes, pop of green
  • Face: Use a soft dewy foundation.
  • Lips: A soft coral lip tint goes very well with this look.
  • Blush: Use a mellow peach blush.


Hair by: Celebrity Hairstylist, Savio John Pereira

Make up by: Natasha Dhody, Associate Make-up Education Partner, Savio John Pereira