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Hair Dusting: Your Secret to Long, Healthy Hair


Looking for some hair rejuvenation without compromising on your hair length? Then, hair dusting is the perfect technique to get yourself acquainted with, says Mona Punjabi.

Health vs. length—this is one crossroad that every girl faces on the journey to maintaining a lustrous mane. And to add to our woes, there are those umpteen heat styling sessions, the harsh weather, and the plain ol’ stressful lifestyle that cause more damage than good! Thanks to these, before you realise, your hair is one big tuft with numerous split ends.

Gone are the days when these dreaded split ends called for a major reduction in the length! Enter the world of hair dusting, which gets rid of limp and frizzy hair without compromising on your length.

In a nutshell, here’s what hair dusting is:
1. Though a relatively old technique, this trend has recently caught the fancy of many hairstylists. It primarily involves snipping the annoying split ends while preserving the hair length.

2. The snipping happens at the very bottom of each hair strand, thereby thinning the damaged ends. This adds health to each and every strand and gives a subtle body and bounce to the overall appearance.

3. Since very little hair is cut, the trimmed hair clippings resemble ‘dust’. Hence the name ‘dusting’.

4. One rule of thumb: Ensure that the hair is properly washed, dried, and straightened before performing the hair dusting technique. A properly washed mane will allow the dry split ends to pop out and make the entire procedure quick and easy.

5. Once the split ends stick out, the stylist will also be able to do a quick analysis and determine where and how much of dusting is required.

6. A word of caution: The cutting cannot be too deep and comprehensive. It’s more like skimming through the mid-lengths and addressing the damaged areas only.

7. Hair dusting is suitable for all hair types and hair textures but especially does wonders on layered hair and waves.

8. Proper sectioning of the hair is pivotal to make the hair dusting successful. With improper sectioning, you may miss some broken ends and even end up cutting into strands of healthy hair.

9. Once through with a dusting session, it is important to protect the hair from future damage by including a split end repair product as a part of your hair care regime. This will help extend the effects of hair dusting and also aid in ensuring that your hair is brimming with great health!