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Hair Handy Hacks

Every perfect mane is hiding a secret, be it a woman or the stylist behind it. Tanvi Deshmukh shares must-know hair hacks for your crowning glory.

Secrets are meant to be revealed. Your hairstylist may bring a smile on your face every time he styles your hair perfectly. But have you ever tried getting the same hairstyle at home and failed to do so? Many women face that problem, in spite of countless hairstyling products and professional tools. The secret is out – we fail because we don’t know the hair hacks that get you the best hairstyles at home with so much ease and in little time. This month, we thought of sharing our secrets with you so you could create the best hairstyles all by yourself and make the best use of your brushes and your bobby pins.
ere are some simple tricks that you need to know in order to get your way to perfection. Read on, you can thank us later.

Hair Hacks for HairStyling

056-Hair-Hacks•Detangle your hair from the end to the roots, not root to the ends, especially when applying conditioner
•Banish frizz from your hair by combing it along with a bristle brush
•If you don’t have a curling iron, create instant wavy curls by wrapping up your hair in your socks
•Before you start your fishtail braid, tie it in a ponytail to keep it as tight as you can. Once you’re done braiding, cut the hair tie to get that flawless braid
•To generate volume, stack your curls together on the top of your head and coat the bottom with some hairspray
•To get the perfect side-swept look, fix a portion of your hair with a bobby pin
•For an instant party look, try the latest hair chalks
• For long lasting curls, running a flat iron through braids will work wonders
•For fine curls, washing your hair with a hairnet on will help to keep your curls intact
•While drying your curls, try using a diffuser instead of a normal dryer as the diffuser will help to minimize the frizz while evenly disturbing heat
•To prevent your curls from getting entangled, sleep on a satin pillow as it will help keep them in place
•Use a toothbrush to tame fly away strands

Looking gorgeous without the help of these bobby pins to style our hair would have been so difficult. It’s time you knew some untold and unheard facts about bobby pins too!

Hair Hacks about bobby pins

hair-pins•Spin pins will help keep a bun in place better than bobby pins
•Make sticky bobby pins for super soft hair. All you need are some bobby pins, hairspray or dry shampoo and napkin. Place the bobby pins in the towel and spray some shampoo on it. Hold the corners of the towel and shake well such that the shampoo gets equally distributed on each bobby pin. Now, use the same bobby pin for it to stay fixed on your soft hair
•Store your bobby pins in an old Tic-Tac container so that they are easily accessible when needed
•Instead of hunting for a booby pin in the colour you want, use nail varnish to paint and customise them

Now that you know how to style your hair, it’s time for hair brush hacks! Here’s what you need to know about your brushes.
hair-brush•Large round brushes are a boon for frizz-prone hair if you want to make straighter
•Small round brushes are apt for adding curls and volume while paddle brushes are good for smoothing
•Use a boar bristle brush to style your hair instead of any anti-frizz or shine treatment as it will help spread the scalp oils down the lengths of your hair
•Put a dryer sheet on your hair brush to get rid of static
•Keep your brushes clean by soaking them in warm water and shampoo

Last but not the least, to style it right and use those brushes and pins, what you need is healthy hair. With the summer starting now, treat your hair to the following hacks to keep them gorgeous!

Hair Hacks for Healthy Hair

healthy-hair•Apply a hair product to your hair before you start working out
• A leave-in conditioner can prevent your hair from the sodium in your perspiration that dehydrates your hair
•Vitamin B plays a crucial role in hair growth. Consume meat and seafood to get long and healthy hair. As for the vegetarians, you can opt for cheese or low fat dairy milk
•Apply a hydrating mask to your hair regularly, it will help to protect against split ends
•Apply a coconut hair oil mask to your hair if you have very
dry hair- it makes your hair luscious and strong without making it greasy

Wrapping it up!

hair-brushWhat may look professional might just be smart styling. Use
these hair hacks to a good effect and wow ‘em all with an enviable mane!