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Listen up, lads! If you’re growing out a wonderful winter beard, and if you want to look dapper, then it’s essential to invest some time in grooming and also in the right kind of products that will take care of your beard. Men’s grooming brand Beardo understands this need perfectly and so, they’re here with their Ultimate Beard Combo, which offers complete beard and mustache care.

This combo includes the Godfather Beard Wash, Godfather Beard Oil and Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax- Extra Strong. The first two are hygiene essentials—they work to cleanse and nourish your beard hair to keep it healthy. The Wax is ideal to maintain a sleek and shapely beard, without making the beard hair hard or greasy.

Maintenece is key when it comes to growing and sport a long beard, and while there are plenty of salons to cater to your grooming needs, it’s not always feasible to run to one. Beardo’s Ultimate Beard Combo gives you everything you need to groom your beard right from the comfort of your home. It’s convenient, inexpensive and effective— so get your hands on it and get set to draw some major attention as you walk out with your #BeardGameStrong.

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