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Hair How To: 5 Office-Friendly Hairstyles

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It’s a typical weekday morning. You’re packing lunch with one hand, and responding to an urgent mail with the other. Just when you think you might be a superhuman, you accidentally drop pickle on your all-white shirt. Oopsie! But hey, you can change your shirt immediately, right? You just grab out for another formal shirt and put this in the laundry basket in no time.

Now you only have a few minutes to look profesh before heading to the office, business lunch, or whatever the day brings. These 5 five-minute hairstyles are for you, and are as gorgeous as they are easy. And no using the baggy, old hair tie in your pony!

1. Low Rolled Updo
This chic librarian style is made by making an old school topsy tail and then continuing to pull the pony through it.



2. High Ponytail
Upgrade your pony by giving it some height and covering up the tie. It’s a soft and simple look for any outfit.



3. Twisted Updo
This twisted and tucked style looks lovely, especially on naturally curly hair. It’s a little more difficult than the others but worth the effort for an extra special day.



4. Half Up Knot
Knots is a big trend in hair. Your tot can even help out with this one!



5. Triangle Bobby Half Up
There was a time when we used to hide bobby pins. Now the trend is to show them off. All you need are three bobby pins and a few seconds time!


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