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Hair Myths You Should IGNORE

Busting common hair myths and presenting the facts.

Working as a professional hairstylist for the past 10 years, Mahafrin Buhariwala has come across various hair myths that one should totally ignore. Here, she lists down a few common hair myths and presents the real facts around them.

Myths V/s Facts

Myth: Pulling your grey hair makes more grey hair.

Fact: Plucking your greys does not mean that they will come back in multiples. Even though you really want to get rid of them, we suggest you leave them until your next hair appointment. Plucking your hair can possibly destroy the hair follicle which means that it can lead to bald patches. And that’s something that cannot be fixed.

Myth: 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner products are as good as using them separately.

Fact: To put It simply, 2-in-1 products will not work as well as having a good separate shampoo and conditioner. These two products work on doing completely different things – one works to clean the dirt and build-up from the scalp and the other focuses on smoothing out and locking in the hair nutrients. So keep them separate.

Myth: Split ends can be repaired.

Fact: The sad truth is, once the ends of hair have split, there’s no way to put them back together. The only way to tackle it is to keep on trimming them.

Myth: Stress makes your hair grey.

Fact: There is no scientific proof that stress makes your hair grey. This is genetic.

Myth: You should switch up your shampoo and conditioner every couple of months.

Fact: Are you guilty of buying a new brand of shampoo and conditioner every month, solely to prevent your hair from getting used to it? Don’t bother, your hair isn’t a living thing, which means it can’t become immune to your favourite products. What it can do, however, is respond differently to certain environmental factors, such as cold weather, humidity, or colour treatments, which can give you the impression that your go-to formula is no longer working.

Myth: Last but not the least, oiling your hair is good.

Fact: It is a myth that oiling your hair regularly is good. The scalp excretes enough of natural oil. We get the required nourishment from this excreted oil. One does not necessarily need to oil the hair strands. When we apply oil, we in turn use a higher amount of shampoo to get rid of the oil. This can strip of your hair of colour and nourishment too. What you can do is, gently massage the scalp with little or no oil to increase the blood circulation or blood flow in the head, and then there will be no excessive oil to wash off.



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