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Hair Repair: 5 Experts Reveal Their Secrets!

Five leading snip specialists circle the problem areas with their own tresses and share quick-fix hair repair solutions with SHILPI MADAN…

We’ve got news for you—hair problems get to us all! Yes, whether its mortals like us or leading industry hair specialists, it’s crazy to know that this is one issue that troubles all. (Yes, you’re allowed to feel good about that). While we’re still struggling to find the solutions to these, the experts have understood their hair problems and devised ways to combat them. Read on to know what troubles them and how they take care of these.
Avan Contractor
Co-Founder and Creative Director, BBlunt

“A bad hair day is a rare encounter for me, honestly! I have a head full of curls and understand the challenges that come with curly hair and how to control it. HD Curl (in the BBlunt haircare line) is my pet product that makes me combat frizz while moisturizing and shaping my curls. It is great for both defining and protecting curly locks, in all seasons.I think it should be every curl girl’s go-to leave-in cream.”
Coleen Khan
Owner, Coleen’s Hair & Beauty Salon

“My hair tends to get damaged quite often, owing to the colours and products I keep trying out all the time. I follow a simple maintenance routine. I deep condition my locks once a week and make time for a weekly spa treatment for my hair to get back its gloss and bounce. Then I trim my hair every eight weeks to take care of the damaged sections and the split ends else they tend to travel up along the length of the hair strands. I make sure I keep my mane moisturised well. I favour Wella products and the Morroccan spa oil and spa conditioner. This routine works well for me. Of course, I am not emotionally attached to my hairstyle. I keep changing it, chopping my hair off or growing it as per my mood or requirement.”
Natasha Naegamvala
Salon Director, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon

“My scalp tends to become dry and sensitive very often. Probably as I am constantly experimenting with different products on my mane, owing to my line of work. So I use Moroccan oil to massage my scalp, as often as needed. A little bit suffices. Then I use a wide toothed comb in my hair, so that the oil travels down the length as well. I feel essentially the scalp needs to be hydrated whereas often we tend to slather copious amounts of oil along the strands and then shampoo our locks four times to get rid of the oil. Totally avoidable as this ends up robbing the hair shafts of their natural oils and moisture.”
Kanta Motwani
Celebrity Hairstylist and Owner, Kromakay Salon

“My hair tends to become a little bit dry, and often turns frizzy as well. To resolve this problem I make use of Kérastase leave-in conditioner. Since this comes in a spray form, called Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray, I find it relatively easy to spritz on before I breeze out. I would recommend this product as a must-have in everyone’s hair caddy. It is multi tasking product that ramps up the shine and quells the frizz effectively.”
Clint Fernandes
Celebrity Hairstylist and Make-Up Artist

“I wear my hair very short to beat many issues: I do try to stay out of the sun, yet if I must venture out in the sun, I make use of a cap. Once a week, I work in an oil massage. The idea is to re-hydrate the scalp and increase blood circulation. The oil I use is a mix of castor oil and raw almond cold pressed oil in the ration 1:1. I do not use a shampoo to wash my hair and prefer using warm water to massage the scalp and take out any traces of sweat. Since I have short hair, this is possible. It is only when oiling that I use a shampoo and conditioner. I like S Factor for styling and grooming, and the Matte Separation Wax from TIGI Bed Head or even aloe vera gel which is quite cooling and nourishing as well. It works as good as any regular hair gel.”
(Feature image: Designed by Yanalya / Freepik)