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Hair Resolutions for 2015

Every year you make promises to yourself, from losing weight to vacationing more often. Make 2015 a year your hair will thank you for!

A New Year, a new beginning. Yet, how many times have you found yourself resolving to do something different only to falter mid-way? With us by your side, let your existing hair style practices be a thing of the past! Your hair is your crowning glory and we are here to help you make it shine. Cut, colour, style and care—these are the four secrets of a lasting hair affair. They are also the four herculean tasks you can’t seem to get right at the same time. Sometimes, you get the perfect haircut and just can’t make the styling work. Or you let the perfect highlights get dull and drab within a week of improper care.

We all dream about long tresses a la Rapunzel. But how many of us actually keep that in mind when we visit our stylist?
Says Swati, “The most common mistake that women make is not cutting their hair with the intent of keeping it long. In the process, they lose out on the shape. There is absolutely no beauty and no style element in shapeless hair.”
If you vow to grow your hair long this year, ask your stylist for a haircut that keeps your tresses in perfect style.

From ironing our hair until it sizzles to blow drying like there’s no tomorrow, styling is the cause for many a mane’s sorrow. With so many products and so little time, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘what am I doing wrong?’ or ‘how do I get it right?’
“Women with absolutely flat and thin hair have no shape or dimension to it. Women opt for long hair only for the heck of it, not realising that the natural movement of the hair makes it look beautiful. A lot of young girls change their natural style. Overuse of styling products can cause damage to the hair. In terms of an updo, the bouffant is overdone and often looks unnatural. Women who opt for curls often make the wrong choice. If the curls are not styled well, they can end up looking very bad,” cautions Swati.

We try every shampoo that hits the market hoping that it will be ‘The One’. We slather conditioner and brush our hair religiously. Yet, sometimes less is more, as Swati maintains philosophically.
“Care is the prime focus of maintaining your long locks. Women neglect their hair to the extent where they forget basics such as knots. We have had many such experiences where we spent hours just detangling the knots. Another common mistake is not washing your hair on a regular basis, only to make the styling last longer. They neglect the fact that unclean hair is prone to excessive dandruff.”
So while you are pampering your hair with
the product of the moment, don’t neglect its basic needs. Treat your hair like you would treat your face and you will never make the same mistake twice!

Admit it; you secretly envy the women who flaunt those outrageous highlights or that latest red carpet hair colour trend! What you don’t envy is your own unique individuality that has a style print of its own.
Swati pooh-poohs this monkey-see-monkey-do habit. “Often women follow trends and opt for colours which don’t suit them. Bleached blonde colour makes the hair excessively dry and unappealing. Even the over processed colour is extremely harsh on the hair. Women miss out details on touch-up and outgrow the previous colour, leaving hair extremely rough and dead.” So the next time you go for an impulse colour job, resist the temptation. Take time to figure out what will work for you. And trust your stylist!

Wrap it up
The key to a lasting hair affair is to be committed to yourself. Knowing your lifestyle, hair type and needs alone will give you the crown of hair that everyone admires. The best way to avoid Cut, Colour, Style and Care mistakes is to have an open mind and not follow a herd mentality. Listen to your stylist because they know what will suit you the best. Focus on healthy hair that has movement as opposed to the trend of the moment.

Trends come and go but style is permanent!