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Winter is here and your hair definitely needs some pampering. By that we obviously mean nourishment for your dry and dull mane. To get it sorted, WOW Skin Science has launched the cold pressed 10 in 1 Miracle Hair Oil which works as a complete hair treatment. It contains 10 natural and clinically proven bioactives—Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Bhringraj Extract, Vitamin E, and Rosemary & Tea Tree Essential Oils—which are known to nourish hair. So, get your mane winter ready!

True Roots
Urban lifestyle and stress level impacts our hair adversely and one of the issues youngsters face these days is pre-mature graying. True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic which helps in delaying hair greying from the roots might be the product you’re looking for. This tonic is formulated with powerful botanical actives and Apigenin (which is a natural extract from chamomile flowers), to increase melanin levels in your hair roots in a natural way. A non-sticky product with soothing fragrance, it’s clinically proven that continuous use shows no new grey hair in 90 days.

Straight and sleek hair is just so sexy, period. There is no reason you need to style your hair in a straight look. It goes well with every outfit and is a classic hit. To help you create the look comfortably, Vega has launched Vega Trendy Hair Straightener that gives you silky straight hair with triple protection. To protect your hair while give proper styling, it has five heat settings which lets you choose the right temperature. While its ceramic coating plates ensures even distribution of heat, the floating plates protect hair against tugging and pulling.

Paul Mitchell
With the party season around the corner, styling hair is one thing that always keeps us on toes. We are always on the lookout for a styling product that helps hold our hairstyle while we dance and party in full swing. Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Grooming Pomade is great for defining and shaping hair. Its vegetable-based conditioners soften strands while the citrus, tea tree and mint aroma delights the senses. Though it works the best for wavy and curly texture, it also provides flexible hold and opulent shine. Go, get one!

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