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Healthy changes — Happy skin

Healthy and glowing skin is not a one-size-fits-all thing, but there are basic things we can do to keep our body’s largest organ in good shape.

We all want lasting-glowy-dewy skin that keeps us looking youthful. But, in the recent years, it has become difficult to maintain clear and youthful skin due to pollution, unhealthy foods, stress and little or no exercise. In a bid to look young and beautiful we often end up burning a hole in our pockets on high-end products that may or may not work on your skin. Instead, sticking to certain habits and making it a routine for a month, should bring the change and difference in your skin for the better as it takes typically 28 days (skin cycle) for the dead cells to be replaced by new cells. During this time it is best to avoid experimenting with a lot of products and instead allow the skin to adjust to one specific routine.

To have great skin, you need to be consistent and take care of it daily. Sporadic care will not help. Starting a skincare routine will get you closer to achieving the skin you desire. Of course, a visit to your dermatologist can help you get the skin you dream of, but you need to maintain your skin as well. Here we list a few points to get that picture perfect, glowing skin naturally.

  • If you haven’t been getting adequate rest, ensure you hit the sack early enough to get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Start your skincare regimen by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face twice daily and do not sleep with makeup on. Ever. Ensure that you get it all off your face before you sleep at night.
  • Wash your face correctly—do not use hot water to wash your face as hot water tends to dry the skin. Use a soft cloth or a t-shirt to wipe after washing your face instead of a towel, as towels at times can be abrasive and may do more harm to the skin than good.
  • Ditch those old and unused-in-years products that do not serve any purpose. Using old brushes or makeup can irritate your skin and may result in breakouts or even infections. Hence, ensure that you bin old brushes and makeup.
  • Drop-those-extra-pounds. Exercising not only repairs your skin, it improves blood circulation, revs up your immune system, supplies oxygen (resulting in a post-workout glow) to all the vital organs in the body and fights stress.
  • Up your SPF use. If you have been using less or no SPF, increase the usage even if it is during the rainy season or the winters.
  • Add a lot of greens and fruits to your diet as they are a source of energy and provide your body with the required fibers.
  • Ease up or cut down on sugar and caffeine. Sugar and caffeine cause your skin to lose its elasticity and signs of aging start becoming visible. Replace it with green tea, a healthy and nutritious smoothie or warm lemon water with ginger which is tasty and beneficial for your skin.
  • Mask your way to amazing skin. Different zones of our face need to be treated differently. Hence instead of applying one mask to the entire face, try multi-masking (applying multiple masks) to the affected areas on the face accordingly.
  • De-stress by starting with simple meditation or doing some yoga as they too help in keeping the skin look good.

By getting rid of bad habits and making these points a part of your daily routine you can make your skin happier and healthier.

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