Hair Style

Heat Style the Right Way

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Styling does not always have to suck the life out of your hair.

Gone are the days when you’d run your fingers through your hair and play it like a soulful harp.We’re here to guide you through these distressing times in a stylish manner. There is a stigma associated with using too many heating tools on your hair but then we’ve all known at least someone who styles their hair so very frequently without any traces of damage. Although, we don’t encourage this behaviour, we’ve just observed that many have figured out a way to do it right and we shan’t stand the fact that you aren’t one of them. So behold the techniques that didn’t come with the manual.

Limit your exposure
Jumping out of the shower and falling under the dryer is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Either wrap your head in a towel turban or air dry about 80% of your hair and then blow-dry to style it. Never use a hair straightener on wet strands.

Make smart sections
You don’t have to numb your arms by dividing your strands into a million sections; just four are enough. Clip the rest up while you’re working on one. Left, right, front and back; the back of the head can be divided into two but that’s about it.

Test the air blast
Your scalp is sensitive as it has always been extremely protected. Feel the heat on the back of your hand before exposing it to your hair for calculated risks are comparatively safer.

Always use heat protectants before styling
While heat protectant serums prevent your hair from damage caused by hot styling tools, it is important to choose products that do not contain alcohol-based ingredients. The alcohol content will only make your hair dry, which is the exact opposite of how a protecting serum is supposed to function.

Stroke the right way
Always maintain more than eight inches distance between the nozzle of the dryer and your hair. While straightening, always start from the roots and iron your way slowly to the tips; never start mid-way as the lack of consistency will lead to breakage. Generously invest about two to three seconds per strand.

Clean your wand
Make sure you regularly clean your magical equipment for an optimal performance. Dust the back of your dryer with a tooth brush and you could use baby wipes for your hair straighter among other options.