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Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals presents HydraMoist—the one-stop solution that will take care of your moisturisation needs all year round!

“HydraMoist moisturiser gives you a chance to live up to your promise of taking care of your skin. Backed by scientific and natural ingredients, the moisturiser provides six-hour long moisture lock that protects the skin’s natural oil and hydration balance to promote healthy and radiant skin. It is of great importance to imbibe a powerful moisturiser in one’s skincare routine to look your best always, from the inside out.”
– Gunjan Jain, National Education Manager,Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.

As we are gearing up to welcome the New Year, majority of us are making New Year’s resolutions and plans to a better self. Most of the lists include taking up a new hobby, hitting the gym and chalking out diet plans. Apart from being healthy, it is also time to set some beauty resolutions. Our busy schedules often have us overlooking basic skincare needs that are crucial to feel and look naturally healthy. It is always good to check if your current routine needs a change. Considering winter and festive seasons tend to take a toll on our skin, it is essential for everyone to incorporate self-care into resolutions and goals for the New Year. By adopting and being regular with a thorough skincare routine, you can ensure that you flaunt healthy and glowing skin not just for special occassions, but all year round.

Such a routine to have and maintain beautiful skin usually begins with regular moisturising. Moisturising is essential for winter-ready skin as it helps in stimulating the skin, improves blood circulation and boosts collagen levels, leaving the skin free from wrinkles and fine lines. It helps to maintain skin elasticity, thus giving you tightening benefits. Well hydrated skin also repairs itself faster, which is essential to enjoy glowing and supple skin that looks and feels younger.

To ensure that skin gets the required hydration and moisturisation even during the dry winter chills, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, India’s leading professional skincare brand brings to you HydraMoist. This moisturising cream provides intense hydration and locks in moisture for long hours, therefore ensuring that your skin is well hydrated and nourished. The intense yet light texture of the moisturiser absorbs quickly and retains the same moisture intensity for as long as over six hours. It has vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and oils like olive oil, jojoba oil. It also has butters which are infused with herbal and scientific ingredients like kokum butter, Sodium hyaluronate and ceramides amongst others. The moisturiser rehydrates the skin, giving it a soft and velvety feel. It also has the winter cherry extract that is known to protect the skin against the sun’s infrared radiation (IR) and visible light while helping in collagen repair.

So, give your skin a much needed moisture boost Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals this month!

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