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Here’s How to Care For Your Lips With the Face Mask On

While you are giving your body immunity boosters and a face mask to protect yourself from the virus, your lips need that much-needed shield too.

Yes, taking care of your body and mental health during the pandemic has become imperative, but your lips need care too. If you have not given it any thought, then now is the right time.

We’re living in times where stepping out without a protective face mask can mean shelling out big bucks as a penalty charge. Which means the mask has become a part of our daily lives. Since it is unavoidable, making it a part of the skincare regime is now a requisite.

With the mask being tied to our face for long periods it can result in trapped humidity, heat and friction between the mask and skin. Drinking water and reapplying a lip balm too becomes difficult with a mask on. All of this can result in extremely dehydrated, dry and chapped lips.

Wondering how to maintain that perfect pout despite the mask? Here’s how:

  • Choose mask made of a fabric that won’t cause friction – cotton, chiffon or silk.  
  • Find a long lasting, moisturising lip balm, so you don’t have to keep reapplying the balm.
  • Use products that are thick and rich like petroleum jelly so they lock in the moisture for hours and you don’t have to worry about dryness.
  • Massage oil-based serums gently onto your lips. This will help keep it soft and supple.
  • Adopt a night-time routine and make lip masks an integral part of it.





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