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Holy Grail for Playing Holi

The ‘Festival of Colours’ is here! One of the most fun festival in the calendar, Holi let’s one enjoy to the fullest. Dance, music, food and of course vibrant hues it has it all. With all the fun it promises, the well-being of your skin and hair is compromised. But this is not the time to hold yourself back. What if we told you could enjoy the festival without having dry hair and dealing with stained skin for days? Yes, we have got all the hacks to have a Holi with the least of harm, as precaution is better than care.

Safeguard your skin

Moisturizer is your best friend: Rely heavily on the moisturizer and lather yourself up like a baby a day prior, as the less hydrated your skin is the more fragile it is and more prone to damage.

Oil is the way to go

Apply oil on your body and baby oil to your lashes and coasts your lips with your loyal balm.

The musts

Wear nail polish so your nails don’t get stained, and don’t miss out on sunscreen as the oil won’t save you from the sun.  Drink lots of water so that you don’t get dehydrated.

In addition to the right skincare products, you can also wear long sleeved clothing and a hat to make sure you protect your skin from the sun and heat. Sugar also damages your skin and festivals can mean we go overboard with food indulgences. Ensure that you minimize the intake of sugar and fried foods so that acne breakouts can be kept at bay!

Protect your hair

Protect your hair this Holi, by oiling them thoroughly the night prior and go for a trim if you need one to lessen the damage. Do hairstyles that will keep your hair in place like a tight braid or a bun. You can also wear a hat or a bandana that will also add a style quotient to your look. Detangle your hair completely so that it will further not cause problems.