Relaxing Home Spa? Yes, Please!

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What can be better than the goodness of a spa in the comfort of your own home? Sukriti Shahi shares tips on how to indulge in some me-time in your very own home spa…

Racing against time or on a shoestring budget; whatever the reason, a spa session often gets sacrificed amidst the daily chaos. And the struggle to maintain a work-life balance leaves you feeling tired and worn out. While a glass of wine over the weekend is not a bad idea, a relaxing massage is definitely a worthy add-on. Splurging on a spa could burn a hole in your pocket, or maybe you’re too lazy to travel to a salon; if you still wish to create a sensorial experience for yourself at home, read on!

Steam Facials
Tired from the week-long slogging and running around? Just relax and get a steam facial. It’s nothing but exposing your skin to steam, which helps in opening pores, getting rid of impurities and relaxes your muscles. Add some herbs to boiling water and breathe in the goodness of the natural ingredients. This not only makes the skin glow but its therapeutic effect is rejuvenating.

Aroma Candles
Scented candles lighten up the ambience and mood instantly and exude positive vibes. What’s better than absorbing a bit of positivity, which pumps up your energy levels and brings down stress substantially? Light some aroma candles in your bathroom, take a hot shower and thoroughly indulge in the rejuvenating setting. Shut off your brain for some time and let only the good vibes seep in.

Designed by Freepik

Essential Oils
Pep up your usual bathing ritual when you’re low on energy by adding a few drops of essential oils to the bath water. Breathe in the fragrance and let the aroma work its magic. Essential oils can instantly boost your mood, and balance mind and body. Oils such as geranium and lavender can soothe rashes; apply some all over your body in diluted form and get some beauty sleep while they work on you. Essential oils can relieve stress, help fight insomnia, improve skin and even cleanse the air you breathe.

Hair Spa
Try all things natural for your hair. Massage your scalp with some olive oil, tie the hair and cover it with a hot towel. Sit back and relax while sipping your favourite cuppa. For nourishment, make hair masks at home using avocado and honey. Press your forehead gently with your finger tips and you’re done! You can use milk to wash your head before shampooing for extra smooth and shiny hair.