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Choose the perfect mascara and let your eyelashes be as hot as the heat this summer!

Who doesn’t like having long, luscious and voluminous eyelashes? However, not everyone is fortunate to be born with perfect lashes. But then, the beauty industry serves you with mascaras to add glamour to your eyes. However, with a plethora of mascaras flooding the beauty racks, you’re bound to get confused with which one’s the best one for you. Here’s your guide to choosing the right mascara to help you achieve your desired look.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing your mascara brush:

Shape: Traditional straight brush

Best for: Volume and separation

This is the classic shape that most women are comfortable with. This wand helps you achieve a voluminous look. Confused between plastic or traditional bristles? Well, plastic bristles ensure less clumping and more definition whereas traditional bristles give you fullness, fluttery lashes and volume.

Shape: Comb brush

Best for: Curling

This one is ideal for those who have fine lashes and aren’t looking for volume. This wand helps coat and separate every lash without clumping it up. It also works well when wanting to layer on mascara.

Shape: Curved comb

Best for: Curling

The very purpose of the curve is to curl the lashes. Using the right amount of mascara will give your lashes a natural curl; be wary of not using too much or else your lashes will get clumpy and be weighed down.

Shape: Micro wand

Best for: Definition

You would think that a wand with more bristles would be great for volume, but it doesn’t necessarily hold true. The micro wand is perfect when you need to layer on mascara and define your short lashes. They work especially well for lower lashes, giving you a clean and clear mess-free look.

Shape: Fat wand

Best for: Thickening

If you’re looking for thick doll-like lashes, the fat brush is your go-to mascara. This brush also allows you to apply the mascara much quicker because of the number of bristles on the brush.

Shape: Ball wand

 Best for: Those difficult to reach lashes

This mascara makes sure that one gets every millimetre of their lashes get covered. It is designed to reach the roots of the lashes and those difficult to reach small lashes, ensuring you never have mascara on your eyelids again. The cork screw wand works in a similar way as the ball wand.

Shape: Triple ball wand

Best for: Lifting lashes

This mascara wand ensures you get full coverage along with the perfect curl to your eyelashes. This wand will make sure those angel eyes get a touch of drama to them.


BEAUTY TIP: Once you’ve selected the right mascara wand to serve your need, how do you apply your mascara? Start by applying it from the roots and go outwards. Wait for a few seconds until the first coat is set; thereafter apply the second coat if required. To avoid clumping, try and finish your application in one or two coats.


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