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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Improve your vision and relax your fatigued eyes with these simple eye exercises.

While being quarantined due to the coronavirus, most of us are experiencing eye strain due to extended time in front of screens. We have been spending most of our days in front of a laptop or tablet screens—working on excel sheets, word files and presentations or have been spending hours watching YouTube videos or binge-watching series and movies on apps and websites. While the effect of spending long hours in front of the screen is often not immediate, it has slow but adverse effects.

If you have been rubbing your eyes or feel a burning sensation in your eyes after long hours in front of a computer, tablet or a smartphone, it could be due to the strain and sheer exhaustion of being in front of a screen for too long. While the quarantine did have us worried about shedding on kilos around our arms, hips and waistline; little did we think about our eyes.

Eye health is essential, so taking out time for eye exercises is as important as exercising any other part of your body, especially for those people who use their computers and phones for prolonged periods.

Just as our body needs its daily dose of exercise our eyes need workouts too.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Guard your eyes against strain, stress, blurry visions and other eye issues by rejuvenating them with simple eye exercises.

Check out these 5 videos on eye exercises that are known to improve vision and help relax your eyes.




Your digitally fatigued eyes will thank you for this.