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“I Was Born to Be a Hairdresser”

Rachna Virdi in conversation with Mexican hairstylist Ivan Rodriguez about his experience of styling the Miss Universe contestants and more.

Mexican hairstylist Ivan Rodriguez is a reputed name in the world of international hairdressing. As a stylist specialising in cut, colour and hairstyle, he has studied in different schools of national and international prestige in Spain, Australia and Mexico. With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, he has been in charge of the hairdressing area in various beauty contests such as Miss Mexico, Miss USA and Miss Universe. He has also created catwalk looks for several events and Fashion Weeks and received multiple awards.


Ivan shares his dedication to hairdressing with his other great passion – education and training – that has led him to impart seminars, courses and workshops in Asia, Latin America and the United States. He has also presented new and diverse hair cutting techniques, colour, hairstyles, bridal hairstyle and avant-garde looks at the seminars, courses and workshops in Asia, Latin America and the United States. Being one of the selected few to style the participants in Miss Universe contest recently, we interacted with him about his experience, professional journey, inspiration and global styles.

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your work and your journey with hair over the years.

I love my job. I started at 15 in a little house in my hometown and fell in love with my hair and everything I can create with it. This is the best trip of my life!

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?

Nothing and no one. I think I was born to be a hairdresser.

What do you love the most about being a stylist?

I create, innovate and contribute in the mood and happiness of people and I love this fact.

How early did you start experimenting with hair? Tell us about the initial years?

I started experimenting at 15. They were wonderful years full of study, learning, research, and of course sleeplessness and investment when the fruits were not visible. But those were the best years because at that time one is exposed to the new and the sensation of astonishment is unmatched.

Where did you get your professional training from?

I train every day. Every client, actress or model becomes a teacher. Otherwise, I have studied at Joss Claude & Bellver, Mexico; Rizos, Spain; Alexander Paris, France; Paulo Persil, Brazil; Sharon Blain, Australia; and CHI Academy, USA.

Who do you look up to as your ideal in the industry?

Undoubtedly, there are many hairdressers that impact me, for example in the artistic area and innovation in colour techniques, I love the work of Angelo Seminara. In the area of ​​hairdressing, precision cuts and educational techniques I’m definitely going for Tony & Guy. And in the part of hair, without hesitation it’s Jean Luc Mineti and also Sharon Blain for his passion and his long educational career at a global level. In the area of ​​logistics and infrastructure of a beauty salon, W Studio in Sao Paulo Brazil, a beauty salon that has hairdressers working all the time.

How was your experience of styling the Miss Universe participants? Who are the other celebs you have worked with?

It was a unique and incredible experience. The participants were very friendly and always relied on us to make their hair looking lovely. We mostly do loose waves with movement and choose to modify their hair depending on their evening dress. I have worked with models for publishers and fashion magazines and TV shows and have also worked with several Mexican actresses.

Tell us about the awards or accolades received by you?

I have been awarded as the Editorial Stylist of the year 2017 & 2018; finalist as the Best Emerging Talent for MBC Paris 2017; nominated by the Expo Beauty Show as the Stylist of the Year 2017, International Educator of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2018; Most Influential Mexican Stylist 2017; and been the winner finalist at AVVA Awards 2018. I’ve currently been nominated in the haircut category of ABS Global Image Awards into America’s Beauty Show in Chicago.

Hair has undergone a revolution in the last decade. What’s the latest buzz in the industry?
As far as the latest buzz in hair, curly natural hair is in fashion. There is a revolution with the new mullet – a haircut of the eighties that is reinventing itself.

What according to you is the best day and evening look?

Less is more. I like healthy and natural hair that has a casual appearance. This can be adapted to both day or night looks. It does not matter if one has done a blow dryer, soft waves, pony tail or a glam-up hairstyle.

What are the best haircuts/styles trending currently?

The bob without decline, the mullet hair with caramel tones and blond mustard are the sensations of the season.

The best hair products one must have in the vanity kit?

My current favourites are from CHI and Biosilk. However, I believe that the best products are the ones that get the best results.

What’s the best hair secret you’d like to share?

Cut the ends of the hair every two months and apply weekly hydration treatment in the salon. And always recommend the client a professional home maintenance product.

And the best advice from you?

Respect the individuality of each person and the natural texture of their hair.