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“I’m obsessed with beach waves!”

Actor and singer Sejal Kumar lets us in on her hair and beauty mechanisms and her favourite indulgences.

Actor and singer Sejal Kumar, who rose to fame with her YouTube Channel, has been making newer milestones with ease and making hard work look effortless. A basketball player in high school and a professional dancer for two years, she’s also into acting. Having completed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and her web series Engineering Girls and now shooting for the second season, she is all set to scale greater heights in her career.

Sejal recently made her stunning debut at the L’Oreal Paris Fashion Week amidst the glitz and glam of the fashion world. Her personal style being casual and classy, she curated the same fashion line in collaboration with Stalk Buy Love last year. Sejal talks to HAIR about her collection, signature style and her hair and beauty inspirations.

Over to Sejal Kumar

Tell us about your signature style.

I’ve coined a term for my personal style: ‘elevated casuals’! I love an easy-going vibe in my outfits with an element of something that makes them dressy and sharp.

You’re a multi-talented actor and singer who rose to huge fame with your YouTube channel. What inspires you?

A lot of people or things inspire me in different spheres. Content and entrepreneurship have also inspired me. But one of my top inspirations in entertainment has always been film actor Priyanka Chopra.


What shapes your fashion interests?

My fashion interests are mostly shaped by what I see my favourite fashion influencers wearing! It’s the same thing as seeing a dress your best friend wears and you immediately want it.

What’s that one look that you carry off with great ease?

One that is full of self-assurance.

Who do you look up to as an influencer in the world of beauty and glamour?

I look up to Italian blogger Chiara Ferregni religiously. She is the world’s most influential influencer in fashion. One who’s turned her blog into a huge clothing line, movies, brand endorsements and more.

Your secret to staying fit and healthy?

Home-cooked meals.

Tell us about your skin and beauty mechanism?

I believe in keeping it simple with a good diet, exercise and lots of water! Water instantly lights up my skin and makes a difference immediately.

When it comes to make-up, what colour defines you the best?

My make-up is quite easy-going and every day. I always do a nude pink lip colour or sometimes play it up with something quirky like an orange colour.

One favourite beauty trend that has stayed with you always?

The fabulous cat eye trend! I have taken a lot of time alone in my bathroom in my teenage years to perfect the trend and now I can safely say that I can do one even with my eyes shut.

Your beauty obsession and personal hair mechanism?

I am currently obsessed with beach waves! That is one hairstyle I am wearing a lot these days. So much that my viewers too are loving it and wanting to try it. My hair mechanism is all about having a good diet and oiling sometimes on the weekend.

How do you manage to set your grooming goals?

Since I have always have be on camera, I try to be consistent with personal grooming (though I’m not perfect!) I try to visit the salon once every two weeks to straighten out all my rough edges.

One hair trend you love the most?

I love beach waves on a balayage.

Your best skin SOS?

My best skin SOS is clean skin with blush and hydration.

Your go-to solution for a bad hair day?

My go-to solution for hair is to wash just the areas around the neck and the parting. If that doesn’t help, then I tie it up in a bun.

Your favourite hair indulgence?

A good hair colour. It makes such a good change to my overall look.

Beauty advice for our readers…

Confidence and comfort in yourself is much more attractive than anything else. Put that effort into looking great, grooming yourself and do it just to feel good, not to fulfill anybody else’s expectations.