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Inked to Perfection

– By celebrity tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens Tattoo Studio

Gone are the days when people were crazy about tribal and traditional blank ink tattoos. Today, tattoos hold a deeper meaning and thought. And people are ready to put in great efforts to plan their tattoo designs. While realistic tattoos hold a powerful impact even today, minimalism and line art are gaining popularity. Geometrical tattoos are your newest inspiration and are stealing the show.

Geometrical tattoos are designs consisting of geometrical shapes and lines creatively put together to form something meaningful and beautiful. These are mostly clean, neat and exclude all the shading and realism. These designs are usually preferred by people who want simplicity yet love to stay unique.

Geometrical tattoos are in trend today. These are classy and creative and require a great amount of expertise as the lines are tricky to pull off. Amazingly, there is so much that you can add to a simple geometry design to make it look as you wish.

Getting inked
Getting a tattoo is a beautiful experience but maintaining it until it heals and even later is important. A tattoo is as serious as a wound on your skin and needs proper care during its crucial period of healing. If not taken care of, a tattoo can turn from beautiful to disastrous experience in no time.

It’s a permanent tattoo and messing around with it would result into a permanent scar or even worse. However, just as tattoo trends have evolved, tattoo aftercare methods have also become simpler and fool proof. Considering the easy to maintain aftercare and following it right, your tattoo should look completely fine.

The Dos
Your tattoo may either be wrapped with a thin plastic-like antiseptic film or left open to be taken care of during its healing period. In case of a wrap, ignore all these steps for seven days as you cannot remove the wrap till that period.

1. Clean your tattoo with only fresh mineral water or distilled water. (No application of direct soap.)
2. You can clean it thrice a day with a diluted mixture of 20 per cent antiseptic water and 80 per cent water.
3. Use good quality, clean, dry, unscented tissues to wipe the tattoo. (Cloth or cotton cannot be used.)

4. Apply sunscreen on your tattoo while leaving your house.
5. Apply an ointment or cream as suggested by your tattoo artist. (No cosmetic products or creams to be used on the tattoo.)
6. Consider eating antibiotics to avoid infection and enable fast healing.

The Dont’s
1. No exercising, running or doing any physical activity for at least 10 days to prevent sweating.
2. No alcohol consumption for seven days.
3. No swimming or direct exposure to sunlight.

4. Avoid scratching on the tattoo. You may pat on the tattoo lightly to relieve from the itching.
5. Avoid using harsh soaps or shampoos to clean the tattoo.
6. Avoid perfumed or scented products on or around the area.
7. Avoid using cotton pads or cotton balls as they will tend to stick on the tattoo.