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Innovative Makeup Tips by Avisha Raj

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned make-up fanatic, make-up hacks and tricks always draw scores of attention from one and all, and why wouldn’t they? After all, if done right, they land up giving us some best drool-worthy make-up looks. So, here is Avisha Raj an expert spilling the beans into their secret make-up tricks and beauty hacks. Get ready as there’s something in store for everyone.


Wondering what to do with that extra bottle of foundation that you no longer feel like using? We’d say don’t waste it! Apply it all over your back and set it with compact powder. And voila! You’re all set to flaunt a clearer and smooth looking back devoid of acne spots and marks.


This one’s for eye liner lovers! If you cannot step out without an eye liner but want to avoid a dark stark look for the day; simply replace your eye liner with a brown eye shadow. Using the flat angled brow brush, apply the brown shadow on your upper and lower lash line. This will complete your look and give you a more natural and fresh appearance.

Make your own coloured eyeliner! Many a times, we wish to experiment with colours but refrain from making an investment as we are unsure if the colour will suit our skin tone. Here’s the trick! We all have the very versatile black eye pencil liner. First apply your black pencil liner like you would on your upper lash line. Taking any colour from your shadow palette, with a thin flat brush, apply the colour shadow on top of the black liner, following the same line. The black liner below will help intensify the colour of choice and the colour shadow will help set the liner in place. Try this with any colour from your shadow palette and get colourful using a wide range of colours! (Refer to the images below)

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