Interview Grooming Guide for Men

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An interview is certainly nerve-racking. However with the right amount of confidence and attire you are set to go! We bring to you a male grooming guide on how you could prep yourself to look your best for the interview.

  • Facial Hair

If you are one of those men who have rapid hair growth, make sure you trim your facial hair which includes ear and nostril hair too. Groom your moustache.  If you aren’t too certain about the length of your beard, it’s safer to have a clean shave.

  • Hair Styling

Use products which aren’t too greasy. See that the hair style you opt for looks professional. Don’t over use the styling product and try to keep the look natural.

  • The Right Attire

Make sure your trousers, shirt and or blazer are freshly laundered and ironed. Choose a well coordinated shirt and trouser. Sober pastels shades work well for shirts and black or blue for trousers.

Your shoes must be well polished and must preferably have laces. The socks you wear must match your trousers, and your belt matches your shoes. Preferably have a neutral colour wallet.

  • Scents

Use a fragrance which is fresh. However do not use too strong a fragrance, this wouldn’t be appealing to the interviewer; also keep in mind people are allergic to perfumes too.

  • Breath

If you’re a smoker, make sure you don’t smoke for an hour at least before the interview. However if you have to, make sure to have mints before you step in.

  • Hands

Your nails must be kept short and make sure your hands are moisturized. See that your palms aren’t sweaty with nervousness before you enter.