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Is Skin Fasting the New Thing?

Starting with the cleanser, to the refreshing toner, hopping to the specific serum and then to all different formulas lying on your dressing table, a skincare routine is therapy for your skin as well as your mind. Though we lather up different products on our skin to achieve the best results, skin fasting is the new thing. Yes, you heard that right!

Skin fasting basically means to avoid certain products for a certain period of time. “Skin fasting is a concept where one stops application of one of the skin care products mostly the night cream for one or two nights. This helps the skin to recover from the weekend process of production of natural oils etc. It is in a way detox for the skin. At the same time, the skin does not need detox from all the products. Another way to look at skin fasting is to stop applying a particular product which does not suit your skin in that particular season (weather changes)” says Dermatologist Dr. Pallavi Sule.

While sounds like less efforts leading to big payoffs, there are some things you should consider before trying it out. You should never deprive your skin of the essential nutrients fully and go bare in an attempt to let your skin breathe. For instance, dry skin shouldn’t at any cost be deprived of moisturizer and a tan prone skin without a sunscreen.

“Skincare must be in sync with the natural structured skin pattern in order to produce the right amount of sebum and allow exchange of substances via the skin. Application of different products on the skin reduces the skin porosity resulting in blockage of pores which leads to inhibition of skin’s ability to breathe.  I would look at it this way…. sometimes application of skin care products masks the underlying pathology. For example, if anyone is suffering from a dehydrated skin which means the internal moisture is less, we need to take care of the water intake. Improving the water intake to optimal levels helps recover skin from dehydrating, replenishing the water content in the skin cells and hence reducing the need of heavy moisturisers” advices Sule.

Hence, a dermatologist can guide you the best when it comes to your skincare routine. While there’s no harm in abstaining your skin from certain products, it may lead to no progress if your current skincare regime is vital.

So should you do it?

I would definitely suggest skin fasting in a manner that the skin changes its needs according to seasons. Hence if one of the products does not suit you for that season I would stop it and reintroduce after sometime” concludes Sule.