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Is Your Hair Vocabulary Up To Date?

2015 has been a year of hair and beauty trends. And you need to do your homework for the party season. HAIR gives you the guide to all the trends that buzzed around the internet

2015 has been a year of hair and beauty trends. And you need to do your homework for the party season. HAIR gives you the guide to all the trends that buzzed around the internet



Love your dark brown hair but want to experiment with blonde? Too afraid to take the plunge? Let us fills you in on the latest colour trend that has taken runways and the red carpet by storm!


The Lob Story

It’s not too long yet not too short. The trending lob (read: long bob) has been all the rage with this style being flaunted everywhere from Hollywood red carpets to magazine covers. And why shouldn’t it be, it goes beautifully with most face shapes! We bring you 9 of our favourite long bobs from the famous ladies themselves.

Glitter Roots


It is almost December but the hair trends for the year are not nearly done coming our way. We check out the newest trend that the girls of Instagram have now made popular: Glitter Roots!

Galaxy Hair


Take hair colouring to the next level with the newest Galaxy Hair trend. We find out all about the “space hair” and it is really otherworldly.

Sunset Hair

The cold days are looming over and we really need something to cheer us up to feel bright and shiny again. Discover the newest hair colour inspired by the sun – Sunset Hair.


Bedhead hair doesn’t necessarily do anything for the curly-haired girls except for looking wild and crazed. And we sure don’t want that. Ladies, we come bearing good news for you. Digsdeeper into the world of “Plopping”, a new way to keep your hair tight and curly for a longer time.



This is not about cute pet names. The Hun is a real hairstyle. Elaborately known as the Half Up Bun or Half Top Knot or Half Bun Updo, the celebrities seem to be embracing this hair trend off and on red carpet, as well. Why? Because it’s super easy, can disguise greasy hair and yet, has the ability to look effortlessly chic.

Cherry Ombre


Ever wanted your hair to resemble a lush berry colour? Know all about the new craze, Cherry Ombré.

Hand Pressed Colour


We give you the ‘deets’ on the latest cool colouring technique that hairstylists absolutely love.

Hair Tattoo


Just when you think Kylie Jenner’s running out of ideas to get creative with her unique and impeccable style – voila! She brings about another Hair trend. Know the latest rage on the art of “hair tattoo”.

Hair Tapestry


It is that time again when a vintage trend is making yet another comeback – this time around, it’s from the 90s. Hair Tapestry is a truly wonderful art that’s about to take over the hair world.

Smokestack Hair


Wild hair colour enthusiasts have not stopped at the duck feather hair trend. This time around, they get their crazy inspiration from a factory smokestack. That’s right, Catch up with the newest, most brilliant purple-gray locks trend.

Oil Slick


Keeping up with the latest hair colour trends these days is de rigueur. We tell you about the hottest one this season.

Tousled Hair


Very few hairstyles have the ability to mesh well with every look, one of them being the oh-so fabulous – Tousled Hair. A step-by-step guide tells you about how to get those perfectly tousled tresses.

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