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Is Your Make-Up Box Staying Safe Too?

Hey beautiful! Is the make-up junkie in you scouting for solutions to handle your make-up tools and brushes in these times of pandemic? Wondering if you should sanitise those cute little boxes and bottles you’re so much in love with? Or thinking how to store those products in your dressing room? Or even speculating if it’s safe to apply make-up at such times? Well, we take it upon ourselves to answer all your queries.

Avleen Bansal, Make-up Studio Professional informs us that, “Make-up can serve as a mood elevator during the lockdown. It’s the best time to do experimental looks and try out all your products lying in your vanity. A little make-up during these uncertain times can give you a sense of normality and make you feel more productive.”

Now, before you head towards your vanity room to ace your make-up game, make sure you follow these make-up safety measures first.

  1. Ensure that your make-up brushes and beauty products are safe to use. Make-up brushes can be a breeding house for foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses, even when there isn’t a pandemic spreading.
  2. It is important to clean your make-up brushes and sanitise your actual make-up and vanity boxes.
  3. Spritz 70 per cent of alcohol spray or the disinfectant spray every time you use make-up. These sprays are formulated to kill any foreign bodies lurking on your make-up products and tools.
  4. Most importantly, it is advisable not to share your make-up with anyone. The best possible way to do this is to use disposable applicators and spatulas for scooping out products.
  5. Take utmost care of your skin by following a strict regime and staying hydrated.
  6. Women who hardly apply make-up can try a 10-minute beauty routine by just using these five products – tinted BB/CC cream, blusher, eyebrow pencil/gel, lots of mascara and nice lip colour.
  7. For make-up junkies, there is always something new to learn when it comes to make-up. So, during this lockdown, browse through Instagram/YouTube and learn how to elevate your make-up game.
  8. Beauty routines can be therapeutic and fun at the same time.
  9. Lastly, stay safe, keep washing your hands, use sanitisers and stay glamorous.




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