It’s on the Cards

See what lies in store for you this month.

By Monisha Singh Dudaney


Your tarot card is The Lovers depicting a time of happiness and harmony! Knowing that you can make anything possible is your mantra to end this decade! Colour blocking is the big trend you pick on. Using good quality products will help ensure they will last all night long when you are partying into the wee hours. Voluminous waves or sleek hair is in trend and you make it work for you. Fresh face is your go-to look and your cheek bones help you in more ways than one! Love is entertaining guests at a breakneck speed but you have fun as a couple and a family to lay out the red carpet.

Tip of the month: Eight hours of sleep makes your world a happy place.



Your tarot card is the Five of Wands depicting a time that is on the go. Busy days and busy nights will be the order of the day as you move to power dressing that moves easily from day to night. Itty bitty bags, chain jewellery and animal print boots will help you transition with ease. Bedazzled hair pins or hair slicked back is the big trend and you will find yourself rocking both. High glow on your cheeks and lots of mascara is your armour and works well for you. Start your day with meditation and you will ace it all. Love for the single is right around the corner.

Tip of the month: Smudge out your kajal to open your eyes and give it a mysterious look.



Your tarot card is the Four of Cups depicting a time of movement and momentum. Work and personal life finally take the leap you like. A holiday to end the year is how you like it and this year is no different. Keeping you in the thick of all trends, you streamline it with tonal dressing—be it pastels, metallic or pop neon. Puffy headbacks or chunky jewellery ups the ante on the classic look and works with almost anything—be it a sari or even a kurta. Hair needs attention and hiring an expert works well. Keeping it natural is your mantra and you rock it with ease. Love is all around you.

Tip of the month: Exfoliation is key in winter so, scrub out dry cells to moisturise your skin.



Your tarot card is The Hanged Man depicting a fresh new perspective. Surrendering to the forces that are at work will make December rush in a jiffy! For many of you, hair and skin needs prep to deal with the change in weather. Winter is about layering both skin and clothing—so a serum with antioxidants followed by a facial oil will keep your skin plump and hydrated. Investing in square sunglasses will keep you on point. Beach waves with straight ends are making waves and can be your go-to insta-style. For you, happiness is being surrounded by family and loved ones.

Tip of the month: Use micellar water to pack in the hydration before going to bed.




Your tarot card is the Seven of Pentacles depicting a time of new opportunities. Work doors open up many new avenues. Hair needs an expert hand and getting a professional to style and snip your locks is wise. Dry scalp and dry hair needs intensive care and moisturising this winter, with oils and hair spas. Oversized totes are a big trend along with big 80’s earrings and teaming those with classic saris or pieces in your wardrobe will help you work your charm. Good food, laughter and loved ones is your mantra to the good life. Keep it organic and chemical free to make the most of it.

Tip of the month: Cleanse, tone and moisturise before you sleep!



Your tarot card is the Devil depicting a time to relook your plans. Your career needs some expert advice and it might be wise to begin the year on a fresh note. Vintage scarves to tie your hair are the perfect trend and also a great way to manage bad hair days. If you are bold to try a new hairstyle, a short pixie hair cut or a bob is the perfect way to go. Matchy and slouchy are the themes you like as you pick on pinks, boiler suits and loose kurtas to go cool. Add a belt to cinch your waist and heels to glam it up! Family is everything for you and this month is no exception.

Tip of the month: Bolster your diet with avocado, olive-oil, flax seeds for the with-in glow!



Your tarot card is the Nine of Wands depicting life after strife and action. Work is beginning to settle down. Months of lavish attention to your hair with oil massages and hair masks means it’s finally ready to be the shiny, happy locks you need. Waves are in and you manage to style it out for the nights you party! Make-up essentials need replenishing and replacing. Choose shimmer and explore new colours. Bright pops of pink, yellow and neon in your wardrobe will brighten days and work for nights too. Family rallies around you to cheer you up on rough days!

Tip of the month: Shower oil is a super addition to your bath routine during the winter months.



Your tarot card is the Justice depicting a time where you get your due. At work, you are finally being recognised for what you do and you shine. A high pony for those with the long locks and a cute hair clip to pop it is perfect for the party nights. Shimmer and shine continues and you add the disco sparkle on your night-out wardrobe. Short or long, amplify the look with a buckle bag and a statement red lip. Start your day with a fruit-heavy breakfast. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you care. They need to hear it as much as you do.

Tip of the month: A regular hair trim keeps your locks looking in shape!





Your tarot card is the Star depicting a time of wish making. Ask and you shall receive is the vibe of the month! Hair clips are a big trend of the season so get a statement pearl clip to stand out. Partly braided hair-do’s worked by an expert or with a texturising spray at home works wonders. You choose varying shades of the same colour to express yourself and the tonal look works wonders. Glossy cheeks and eyes with a sassy dark mouth is just what your night outs need. Love is having family and friends over for dinners and game nights.

Tip of the month: Avoid white bread, pasta, dried fruit and dairy to delay skin inflammation and dryness.




Your tarot card is The Six of Pentacles depicting a time of following many paths. At work, many opportunities open up and you chase all. This winter’s big trend is the deep side part which adds dimension and depth to your hairstyle. Hair needs constant care and a regular trim, massage and leave in serum post a wash help keep it control. Fierce wings of liner providing balance to a crimson mouth will be your go-to. As a Capricorn, you are always on the go and a small afternoon nap will help you from burning out. Relationships flourish and friendships bloom this month

Tip of the month: Facial oils are the way to lock in all the hydration.




Your tarot card is the Two of Cups depicting a time of breakthroughs. This month, you wake up determined to up the game in both your professional and personal life. Your hair play is simple and should be kept that way. Oiling, massage and shampooing are the way you like to deal with your hair. Professional advice for skin issues is wise and it will help you love the skin you are in. Monotone make-up and upping your existing wardrobe as you mix accessories gives you much joy on party nights. Sleep is your elixir and a good night’s rest can rejuvenate you into a brand new you. Focusing on your priorities at home will keep you centered.

Tip of the month: Be extra thorough with rinsing your hair.



Your tarot card is The Hierophant depicting a time of success and surrender. Allow yourself to be led to success at work and you will do just fine. Hair needs reinvention and a messy bob or a sleek bun is what you opt for. Get experts to give you a hair massage or a facial. Graphic eyes with wings or other experiments will win you many compliments. Shopping for shimmer and shine for winter nights in or out will bring out the best in you. Long showers and spa time is advised to calm your hyper self. Love finds a whole new reinvention.

Tip of the month: Add moisturiser to your foundation for that glowy, dewy look.

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