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Jamsu Mania

The latest beauty technique from Korea that has taken the internet by storm? Jamsu. We discover what jamsu is, and why beauty gurus are raving about it.

The Korean dedication to try and come up with new beauty hacks and innovations is undying—and we love it! Koreans lay a lot of importance on skincare and make-up and it’s only then that they keep presenting new technology, products and techniques that revolutionize our outlook towards this.

This time around, they’ve gifted us with quite a unique make-up technique that promises to be a blessing especially in the hot sweltering summer months—they call it jamsu—let’s find out what it’s all about.
What it means

‘Jamsu’ literally means ‘to submerge’. This technique requires you to dunk your face in a bowl full of cold water for roughly 30 seconds. Beauty bloggers claim that this technique helps set the make-up in place all day long. It also helps even the base and gives you an oil-free, matte look which is ideal for hot and humid weather like ours.
The prep

Start with your usual prep routine, starting with thorough moisturising and then proceeding to apply make-up as usual. It’s fairly obvious that you choose waterproof make-up for this, or else you’ll end up with a face full of runny, smudged make-up. Once done, pat generous amounts of baby powder or transluscent setting powder all over your face using a sponge.
The big dip

Fill a big bowl of water with cold water. Once your made-up visage is covered with enough powder, simply dunk your face in the bowl. Hold your breath and keep your face submerged for about 30 seconds. Those with drier skins can do this for 15 seconds instead, as keeping the face dipped in water for longer could make your skin feel overly dry and tight.

As you life your head out of the water, pat dry it with a face towel lightly. The result will be a a smooth, soothed and completely matte finish that will stay intact through the day.

In conclusion

Jamsu gives results similar to the baking technique. The approach is definitely unique and unconventional. Since it results in a dry, matte finish, it is recommended that you try this during summer months only. It can also result in a white film residue, which you may have to work around. But rest assured, with enough beauty gurus giving this a thumbs up, it’s bound to work for you too!
(Feature image: YouTube/Beauty Vixxen)

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