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Kareena Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets


Happy Birthday Bebo!

Our birthday girl is at her beautiful best and in no mood to slow down. We get you some of Bebo’s beauty secrets that helped her achieve beauty goals.

Bold. Elegant. Sassy. Kareena Kapoor Khan is the perfect definition of the beauty and style diva. Synonymous to a boss lady, her striking charm and sophisticated allure make her shine brighter by the day. The talented actress always manages to give us major style and beauty goals. Following are some of Kareena Kapoor’s beauty secrets (shared in her interviews) that’ll give you a peek in her beauty regime. Get inspired and add them to your daily routine.

“I swear by the Lakme Kajal, there’s nothing best or better than that!”

“If certain films require me not to wear make-up, I very happily wash my face and turn up to shoot.”

“I think everyone knows that I love eye make-up, I experiment with my lips but personally I love my kohl eyes.”

“I drink lots of water daily and use the basic moisturiser – that’s it.”

“My signature make-up look has always been kohl eyes and nude lips.”

“I like my beauty to be simple, minimalistic, very modern, but at the same time not overdone, I think that’s what works for me.”

“I sometimes use almond oil for my skin and I still follow according to what my mom suggests.”

“I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or the fact that some vitamins are still being replenished, but I did experience tremendous hair fall. I ate coconut chutney with tamarind and a little ghee for breakfast. I always ate a lot of good food and looked after my hair.”


Now that you know all the Kareena Kapoor’s beauty secrets, go add them in your routine as well.


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