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Kitchen Confidential – II

Continuing with the series on Kitchen Confidential hacks, here we list a few more tips on how to tackle skin issues like acne, open pores, dark circles and puffiness with natural homemade recipes for the face.

Time to break-up with that stubborn acne:
No one can ever be comfortable with a face full of acne—it’s painful, and it can also be damaging to your confidence. What is also more frustrating is having to spend small fortunes on chemical treatments and products that don’t really seem to work. One alternative to curing acne and acne scars is the regular use of homemade face masks.

Tackle acne with:
– Apple cider vinegar
– Honey

Benefits: Apple cider vinegar is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient within the beauty community due to its numerous health benefits. Vinegar is known to kill many viruses and bacteria and apple cider vinegar is known to contain various acids that can help get rid of acne. It can also control acne causing bacteria. Honey too, is an antiseptic that prevents the growth of bacteria and helps fight these breakouts.

Procedure: Simply mix these two ingredients together in a bowl and apply it on your face evenly with the help of a cotton ball. (If you have sensitive skin, it is best to dilute the mixture with a little water). Rinse off after 20–30 minutes.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Blemishes and pores aren’t:
Sometimes, cleansing, toning and exfoliating aren’t enough to take care of open skin pores on the surface of your skin. Open pores collect dust and trap bacteria into the skin which then leads to those dreaded breakouts and in turn, blemishes. Try this homemade face mask to tighten those pores.

Tackle visible, open pores with:
– Yoghurt
– Lemon

Benefits: Yoghurt contains many nutrients like lactic acid, zinc, calcium and vitamins which help tighten the skin and shrink the size of the pores. It also exfoliates and moisturises the skin. Lemon juice on the other hand, is known to have astringent properties, helping unclog those pores. The natural enzymes that it contains helps to tighten the skin while brightening and purifying it at the same time.

Procedure: Add a few spoons of lemon juice to the yoghurt and apply on the face. Keep it on for approximately 45 minutes. Rinse off with cool water once dry.

Get your eyes to smile back at you:
Do you often wake up with large dark circles or puffed up eyes that make you look tired? This could be a result of numerous hours in front of your laptop or computer, drinking too many caffeinated drinks and sodas or not getting adequate rest and sleep. However with the help of this mask, your under-eye area will look even and bright in no time.

Tackle dark circles and puffiness with:
– Potato
– Mint

Benefits: Potatoes are rich in vitamins which aid in nourishing the skin around the eyes and prevent dark circles. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce puffiness and swelling in the under-eye region. It provides moisture to the area, making it lighter and refreshed. The mint leaves, apart from their high level of vitamin C, also contain menthol, which is known to cause a tingling sensation when applied in the under-eye area, thus promoting blood circulation. It also tones the skin around the eyes, resulting in an even complexion.

Procedure: Remove the skin of the potato. Mash half the potato and add a little water to it. Grind mint leaves and add to the mashed potato. Blend until made into a paste. Next, you will need to keep this paste in the fridge to freeze it. After you apply this mask to your eyes (make sure it does not enter your eyes), let it sit for 30–40 mins. Wash off with cool water once dry.

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